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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catholic blowback?

I read the other day that there are 80 million Americans who call themselves Catholics. That's a staggering number. A voting bloc, if you will, that the self-absorbed despot in the White House continually spits upon.

I doubt that I'll ever meet two more hard-core Catholics than my grandmother and my mother. Growing up, the church was a huge part of my life. But as soon as I grew beyond their control, my days as an officially practicing Catholic came to an abrupt halt.

I don't know. I didn't need the building, the pomp and the circumstance. But while I've watched Catholics and their beliefs being systematically demonized for years on end, I pondered the following in print: would the world be worse off if we all lived our lives based on those ten commandments?

Basically, at this point in time, most Catholics are feeling persecuted. And they are tired of being mocked. And while the basic tenets of their most cherished beliefs have been eviserated from everyday life, they've had to endure this rapidly accelerating societal decay of ours that was probably predictable to even the occasional church-goers.

But, since the Naked Communists have attained their biggest goal by capturing control of one of the two political parties in this country, those deliberately persecuted Catholics have had no champion to rally around until now.

Is the unthinkable afoot?

Is Rick Santorum the Catholic version of blowback?


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