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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WBASD: Build baby, build

I’ve gotten my share of wisecracks and snickers over the years because of my chosen professional. Oh, and the smart-alecky, almost obligatory, “You kill bugs.”

Well, duh.

While I occasionally do as much, the bulk of my time is devoted to denying termites access to structures. And if that somehow conjures up some ill-informed humor, I would say it’s all funny until termites gain access to your heavily-mortgaged structure.

While pest control might not impress you as being either brutally important or highly respected, remember, we work to maintain public health as well as public safety. You can snicker all you want until roaches are living in your kitchen cabinets or bedbugs are planning a slumber party at your place.

For instance, I see the back-of-house facilities where your foodstuffs are prepared. Put another way, I know where to eat as well as where not to eat. Do you?

Try this one on for size. I know of a popular local bakery where mice, flies and birds (yes, birds) roam freely throughout the food preparation areas. I wouldn’t consume anything prepared in there. But you do.

I once encountered a local kitchen so completely overwhelmed by fruit flies that I donned a dust mask so as to not ingest any. Did you order food from that kitchen? I never did, nor will I.

Remember, while Wilkes-Barre has it's own health department and regularly inspects food production facilities within it's confines, our neighboring communities can make no such claim. Are we still snickering?

I’ve been under the courthouse, as well as on top of it. I’ve even explored the ancient catacombs under the county prison--the perfect place to film a low-budget horror movie.

I see the bowels of the buildings. I see the rooftops. I roam the crawl spaces. I see the back halls, the heretofore unknown access ways as well as the utility service tunnels and what have you.

How many people can say that they’ve been in, on top of and underneath our shuttered juvenile facility? I can. And trust me, you’d prefer being tortured for hours on end to crawling through the sewage-splattered, roach infested catacombs beneath that building.

All of which somehow leads me to this blurb I snagged from WNEP’s Web site…

Two meetings scheduled for Tuesday could decide the future of two landmark buildings in the same city.

One is an empty hotel, the other is a high school that is still in use, and both face uncertain futures.

Wilkes-Barre School District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Namey said Meyers High School of Carey Avenue needs repairs, and the district might be better off closing the school.

Newswatch 16 got a tour of Meyers High School in June of last year. The building is more than 80 years old, and the district says it needs work. To completely renovate the high school, the superintendent believes it would cost $80 million.

Nine hundred students attend class there. Options for the district include splitting those students among the city's two other high schools, Coughlin and G.A.R. or constructing a new building.

A meeting to discuss the possibilities is Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at Coughlin High School.

Okay, so I’m the guy who regularly sees what the general public never sees. I’m the guy that can navigate almost the entire length of the Wyoming Valley Mall without being seen by any of the shoppers.

With that established, you can take the following as the opinion of some lowlife blogger scum, or you can take it as my insight-laden professional opinion.

In my opinion, the Wilkes-Barre Area School District needs to build a new high school facility of some sort.


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