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Monday, February 20, 2012

A gallon of Green?

From a 1994 acoustic set, The Kinks remind us once again that while our toys are cool and all, they are virtually useless without the fuel to power them.

This black-and-white video reminds me of when my step-father bought an aging Hudson, a hulking and menacing looking car that was reputed to be the heaviest automobile ever built. Trust me, it was a tank without the big gun mounted on the turret.

We used to go to the nearby Derby Drive-in to take in the latest horror and sci-fi B movies. And, as a kid, if I found the flicks to be too frightening, I would crawl up into the back window well and fall asleep. Name for me a car that comfortably sleeps one in the back window these days.

No pipelines. No ANWAR. No Gulf. No permits for new refineries.

Face it, when you can no longer afford to power your sexy kitten of a newfangled vehicle, it'll be because having gone all in on Green has sucked the last vestiges of green right out of your wallet.



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