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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My new reality: Part III

I just had a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who has a familial interest in all things bed bugs as they pertain to our local school districts.

I don’t see my opinion as being the word of Allah, but it has been widely reported in print that no company the world over trains their pest control technicians as heavily, as relentlessly and as completely as mine does. I can attest to that.

In addition, there is only one pest control operator throughout all of Pennsylvania that is excluded from the PA Department of Agriculture’s monthly pesticide application training meetings and that company would be the company that currently employs me. Fact is, the state recognizes that our company-provided training is superior to theirs.

And if this helps bolster my credibility at all, on and off, I’ve been watching bed bug-related videos on the internet since this morning and I have yet to learn a single thing.

The following video series is pretty close to spot-on if you’re interested at all. I have a couple of issues with them, but those issues would not be of concern to the property owners or tenants. Rather, they would be fairly bad advice for those charged with eradicating these peskiest of insects.

Remember, they aren’t suspected of vectoring any diseases.

At least, not yet.


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