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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Iran: Not if, when

There is a widely held view that Israel is getting nervously impatient while the unfruitful sanctions and negotiations meant to derail Iran’s aggressive nuclear ambitions plod on.

It has been reported that Israel is considering a military strike on Iran’s hardened and scattered nuclear sites as early as this spring. And while the U.S. intelligence community believes Iran will not be dissuaded from their nuclear ambitions, it has been reported that our president would like to forgo any military conflict with Iran until after the general election in November.

Meanwhile, the Mossad, Israel’s top-secret spy agency, is suspected of having executed four Iranian nuclear scientists under very mysterious circumstances. And in response, Iranian agents are accused of staging attacks on Israeli diplomats in three countries in recent days.

I pay an inordinate amount of time tracking geopolitics and how they can very quickly denigrate into hostilities of the military variety. Always did, always will. While some in junior high were hawking copies of Playboy or Hustler, I was that long-haired weirdo reading the hardcover about Soviet military weaponry and their capabilities. Still have it.

So here’s the synopsis…

No matter how many tongue lashings our king-in-chief unleashes upon the Israeli leadership, they are not going to risk their very existence by holding off on an attack on Iran until after our election so as to make things easier and neater for said would-be king.

If the Israelis believe Iran to be too, too close to achieving nuclear devices and the intercontinental missiles to deliver them, go-time will have arrived for the Israeli military. At that point, any and all protestations coming from Washington or London will be ignored.

While it was easy for wise King Oblahblah to interfere in the internal politics of Egypt and Libya, he seems to have blinked on his interloping ways in Syria with the arrival of a Russian naval flotilla including the only operable Russian aircraft carrier.

And now, with what the entire world feared all along being dangerously close to coming to fruition, namely, a nuclear-armed state sponsor of worldwide terrorism, our commander-in-chief has an immense decision to make: does he order a U.S. and/or allied military strike on Iran’s hardened nuclear facilities before the election, or does he go the self-preservation route by letting Israel go it alone? Either way, it's going down.

The clock is ticking in Israel, and it grows louder by the day.

While I type this, sources in both Israel and Kuwait have reported that an enormous air and sealift of U.S. military assets to the middle east is well underway. We have three carriers devoted to Iran, and one sitting off the coast of Syria. There’s plenty of tinder, now all we need is the match and the runways of Diego Garcia go hot.

I paid seven dollars for two measly pounds of ground beef just two days ago. And after the long-expected shooting starts, it sounds as if I might be paying ten dollars for a gallon of gasoline before next we vote.

Oh, goodie.


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Aggie95 said...

Well ya have to think positive Lad if we are paying 10 bucks a gallon for gas we won't be paying it very long with obama as president and Israel has their very own subs with what are rumored nuclear tipped cruise missiles and I suspect we will discover quite a bit more of their abilities if this does kick off. I have been trying to come up with a serious downside to Iran being a smoking hole in the ground and I really can't find any that outweighs the benefits of them being a smoking hole in the ground