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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Down to the last second

As of today, we will return you to your regularly scheduled circumlocution, as New York Football Giants for Dummies takes a well-deserved hiatus.

But first, an NFL fun fact: The NFC East, from which the NFL champion New York Football Giants currently hail, has now claimed 12 Super Bowl trophies. And not a single one of them are prominently displayed anywhere near Philthydumpia.

You green freaks went and got the sexy dog killer. And we, well, we got ourselves a boring pocket quarterback. Sucks to be you.

And to my hapless, but frenetic email friend, when the corner can't jam at the line of scrimmage outside of the hash marks, the safety usually can't come over the top in time to shut down a deep sideline route in a basic Cover 2 defense. Hence, Mario Manningham goes 38 yards down the sideline and the Jints ultimately win.

It ain't rocket science by any measure, but it is far more complicated than the casual one-night-a-year observer might want to believe.


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Gort said...

Go take a victory lap around Guthrie field already.