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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Three new entries

In case it went unnoticed, I’ve added a few new addresses to the “Local Buzz” listings.

I love reading the thoughts of local folks. Always did, always will. It’s interesting how people who may have been raised in the same areas, in the same municipalities or even in the same neighborhoods could have such divergent opinions on the same issues.

While a link from this site is certainly not an endorsement of any other site, I enjoy linking to those who have differing perspectives than mine.

The name of this first site speaks volumes about the content.

Right Wing Fringe

This next one is what I call a single-issue blog. And as you veteran cyber warriors know, single-issue blogs tend to dry up and blow away sooner rather than later. Time will tell.

Wake Up Wilkes-Barre

While the name of this site may not ring a bell, if you’re long to local blogging, the name of the author ought to. Er, it might just ring some alarm bells.

Old Forge Times by David Foglietta

Since this is his second go-round at writing on the Internet, I'm wondering aloud about how long will it take before he gets to threatening the on-air talent at WILK/Facebook/Radio all over again? We shall see.

Blast from the Past: WILK radio talk show caller guilty of harassing hosts

Those, ahem, authors who attach a name and a face to their words versus those who will not always score some bonus points with me.


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Aggie95 said...

Right Wing Fringe .... I think it sings ....LOL