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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Local stuff or: nice try and all

Some breaking (gush!) news…

State Ethics Commission clears Leighton

The state Ethics Commission has cleared Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton of any misconduct related to the repeated hiring of his children, finding the city's former human resources director hired all interns "without input or direction from the mayor," according to a letter obtained by The Citizens' Voice.

To the overzealous folks who fancy themselves as revolutionaries in this city, this is nothing more than proof that the State Ethics Commission is corrupt, too.

Trust me. You see, you either bow to the so-called activists, or you too are guilty as charged of corruption.

Okay, so what's next? Any new right-to-know leads?

This following moonbattery still confounds me in it’s sheer idiocy.

Woman says city stole her car

WILKES-BARRE – A city woman has filed legal paperwork charging Mayor Tom Leighton and Leo A. Glodzik with theft of a motor vehicle.

Senta Boyer, with assistance from Mark Robbins, the Forty Fort man who has stridently criticized Leighton, Glodzik and the city police department at several city council meetings, said her car was towed and LAG’s pricing made it impossible for her to get it back.

Follow me here: Somebody is driving around town with no registration and no insurance. And after the W-B police stop the illegal vehicle and then have it towed and impounded, somebody can not even afford to reclaim said vehicle.

The question is, if somebody could reclaim the vehicle, what next? More driving around town with an illegal vehicle? And if and when “somebody” goes and T-bones you at an intersection, from a financial standpoint, you, not somebody else is in a world of hurt.

It seems to me that both the WBPD and LAG Towing are protecting the general public from those who would put us at risk by skirting whatever law it takes to get from here to there.

Home Rule: The First 30 Days/First Tax Increase

Let’s see, our deposed county commissioners levied tax increase after tax increase after tax increase until the voting public, horrified and pushed over the edge by the corruption scandals, rose up and replaced the entire system of government with a council/manager form of governance.

And while we count down the days until our newly-hired county manager from California takes the reigns, the recently-seated county council decided to raise property taxes rather than furlough too many county employees.

I heard and read the various reasons for the surprising flip-flop from council. And while there was an iota of sense that accompanied their reasoning, in my mind, they weaseled out and buckled under to union pressure.

Yes, they need continuity and financial accountability while they and the new manager sit down together and brainstorm, but when confronted with the choice of making county residents pay or county employees pay, they chose to tag the residents.

So, with Home Rule, what’s changed?


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