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Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl 42 Reprise

I created and uploaded the following video, slideshow or what have you on February 5, 2008. Real quick, go and check the date.

While a couple of the names, faces, cities and teams may have changed, I watched what happened in this dated video play out almost exactly during the past month.

While I pretty much hated the man when I was a sprat growing up in very western Connecticut, my step-father Leo and I made it a habit to jump on a bullet train to NYC and take in many a Giant's game.

Asked many years ago why I so completely loathed the man but grew to absolutely adore his favorite team, I remarked that while we were in NYC, while we were watching the Giants, and while we were bar-hopping post-game in hopes of rubbing elbows with those now-legendary black-and-white Giants, he was not cursing at me, he was not hitting me nor was he being mean to me in any manner.

When Leo and I were off in search of all things New York Football Giants, rarity of rarities, I felt like a son.


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