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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Five down, five hundred to go

This here Times Leader story confirms what some of us always suspected: that you had to either know or bl*w somebody to be a county employee in the first place.

And it also lays waste to the half-witted spiel about how the public, while it demands hard time for the corrupt elect and appointed officials, should honor and respect and love all of those, ahem, hard-working underlings.

Five probation officers among first to be laid off by county

Sharkey is the son of former chief court administrator William Sharkey, who was terminated on Feb. 24, 2009 after his guilty plea to stealing $70,000 in seized illegal gambling proceeds.

Guesto is married to former county Chief Clerk/Manager Sam Guesto, though she was hired before they were married.

DeJoseph is the nephew of former county Judge Mike Conahan, who is serving a 17 1/2-year sentence on convictions related to the county’s “kids for cash” corruption scandal.

Oh, and so much for the argument that furloughing county employees could negatively affect the services the county provides. Do we really believe that the connected, that the privileged, that the relatives of the former top dogs were working as hard as humanly possible?

Have at it: Five down, five hundred to go.


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