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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

End Hiatus.

I’ve heard from a few who want me to blog on. I’m good with that...

End hiatus!

First of all, I’ve been working a ton, an antiquated concept---providing for oneself.

Also, I got me one of those 21 billion jiggawatt desk tops, which was long, lomg overdue. In  addition,  I went and added a 42 billion jiggawatt notepad. 

I upgraded to a smart phone, but in retrospect, seems like a fairly dumb undertaking.

Thanks to our Incompetent-in-Chief and his perpetually needy band of prehensile-prone myrmidons, come election day I will be going with a straight party ticket…something I have never, ever done before.  Sorry, but those aforementioned myrmidons don’t possess  even an iota of a clue, and need to be summarily dispatched back to the mythical kingdom of Utopia.  

You see, there’s more to governance than providing a warm, moist orifice to public sector unions, one-issue jerk-off clans and the growing hordes of illegal aliens. 

I suppose the Ebola vaccine can’t be too far off, being that evil corporations are out to make a buck. 

Doesn’t matter much to me since I avoid pills, vaccines and suchwhat like the plague. 

I’ve some new responsibilities on the professional front, including the transport and application of poison gas. 

Still no tattoos, steel rods in my face or green hair. Yes, somehow, I’m still yet to be invited to the freak show tent. What a freak! Hell, I’m so completely old-fashioned, I still like girls.

Anyway, I’ll be posting some malarkey and such here on these electronic pages. And,  if and when that sexy phone of mine allows me to, I’ll even add some pics.