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Sunday, August 6, 2023

You can't make this stuff up (unless you're a Dem)

So, the Biden woke-offs have a plan to block the sun's rays based on mucking about with the clouds. Whatever happened to hitchhiking with Elon Musk? According to Zillow, there are wide swaths of Mars still available to evacuees from Earth.

This one rules. A retired Air Force major told congress that the U.S. has plenty of UFOs in it's possession. Apparently, decades worth of drive-in B-movies were right all along. Sure, the walls of the cave might have moved when the scientist sneezed, but there were alien invaders lurking all about.

Some will tell you that the folks at Lockheed and Boeing are reverse-engineers rather than the gifted engineers they truly were and are. You know the tired drill about Amerika being nothing special. All of that cutting edge technology just crash-landed in a field somewhere. We suck.

Despite the neurological limitations, I was back out there on the Susquehanna River as part of the 2023 Wyoming Valley Riverfest. Thanks to my health freak out, I had not paddled since 2015. But, as some of us firmly believe, the only limit to your ability is your imagination. So sez this damaged hammerhead.

Anyway, the 14-mile paddle really wasn't much of a challenge, although I was unsure of myself going in. You know, Mush on, man.

Every day, yet another Marxist myrmidon charges Donald Trump with yet another questionable crime. Apparently, they don't have enough testicular matter to hire a sniper. Perhaps, a leftist should break with the party dogma and keep (not grow) a pair of balls. Limp-wristed trans-testicles with Marxist misgivings should not be electioneering.

Speaking of Marxist f>cks, since when does our freedom of speech depend on an approval process? How is it that any government or corporate stooge thinks they can squelch anything we have to say about anything? Hearing me, Blogspot? Tyranny rules!

I learned yesterday that my grandson volunteers to help the challenger little league kids. I couldn't be prouder. Way to go, Ave.

Oh, and the climate watchers have a new scam they thunk up on their own. They claim that we've used so much of our aquifers, the Earth is now wobbling rather than rotating. I'm neither a hydrologist or a Democrat, so I'm not qualified to refute this seudo-gibberish. Thing is, I f>cking doubt it. If it's proven true, we need to commence with the heavy drinking.

You know, double-down on the wobbling.

Answer me this, Narcaniacs, do you really think Biden will seek reelection? How 'bout the Marxist Party comes to it's senses and orders him to stand down. President Michelle, here we come.

And how about charging someone with tampering with an election as a way of tampering with an election? Weaponized government agencies? Tyranny?