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Friday, March 27, 2020


Boy, things have certainly changed here in the electronic clouds

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Essentials only

the white zone is for essentials only...

How does it feel to be amongst the growing hordes of 'non-essential' peoples? Non-essentials, get it? Move to the Falklands. No, not Malvinas...Falklands! You do realize your toilet paper rations will be reduced, yes?

Now that the U.S. is becoming the epicenter of a worldwide pandemic, how smart do those whining, accusatory democrats sound now? Enforcing the border security is mean and racist and bigoted hate said those squealing under-the-influence snowflakes. No more toilet paper for them. Besides, they'd likely roll it and smoke it as part of a medical toilet paper sham.

I really am losing the urge to watch more videos of people acting badly at retail outlets. It's as embarrassing as it is discouraging. Thing is, it's blatantly obvious that plenty of people are in serious need of a long overdue beating.  The intellectually limited...they're everywhere! But not in the trailer parks where they belong.

But have no fear, kiddies...the democrats are sending checks so we can all buy some medical morphine vape oil. Oh, and some Pink Floyd as the perfect accompaniment.

I see we may have to vote via snail mail come November. If that comes to pass, Queen Hillary just might pull this thing out. And with the National Guard having been deployed already the last thing we need is a reboot of the Clinton/Reno Justice Department death squads. 

Bitter, clinger, right-wing freaks.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Next Stop: Io

Buckle up. kiddies

I never gave much thought to seeing the end of the world but I'll admit that it's been nothing short of a hoot so far.

Do the Chinese just completely suck at sanitation, hygiene, livestock mgmt and food handling, or are they deliberately weaponizing viruses? Methinks  all-of-the-above fits nicely here as the short answer. How 'bout we call Diego Garcia and have them dust off a few Neutron Bombs? Perhaps a MOAB or two dropped from the exosphere?

I have never purchased or used hand sanitizers, and I'll not be doing so anytime soon. I no longer use personal protection equipment at work, so, no, I don't wear dust masks to pick up a Capri Sun and some marijuana vape oil down at the mini-mart.

Or, do they call that medical pot vaping? Seems all of the dopers have some newfangled way of twisting their drug-addled, disinhibited realities. You know, besides the use of illicit type substances.

SpaceX will evacuate the planet before we exhaust all known sources of hand sanitizers, plus, I know a lady in Oregon who can provide us with the raw materials for the production of toilet paper for decades on end. Being the offspring of a certified rocket scientist, I figure I can make it to Io on my own without descent programs developed at IBM Owego.

All of that aside, I went and had myself a couple of life-altering health freak outs. It's not that I'm damaged goods, it's just that I'm more thoroughly damaged.