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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Beauty of Roku

Recently, the ever-increasing and undeniably astronomical cost of cable and satellite television came up on The Sue Henry radio broadcast haunt.

I listened intently to caller after caller while figures approaching and exceeding $200 a month were mentioned. I was aghast. Horrified. And giggling inside. Here's why...

I used to pay one of those aforementioned, horrendously exorbitant figures for access to hundreds of television networks that I outright refused to watch. Sorry folks, but Bad Girls Club is little more than drunken out-of-control sluts on parade.

So, I called the satellite company, cancelled my service, and demanded that they send one of the illegal aliens on their payroll to remove their equipment. Then I traveled all the way to Boscov's to purchase a digital antenna priced at $14.99. Next came the $99 Roku 3.

These days, we have access to Netflix, Hulu and 23 broadcast channels on our television, channels we are receiving in digital picture and sound. Total monthly out-of-pocket hurt...$16.

In addition, we can rent from both Red Box and the Blockbuster catalogue without leaving the couch. Thanks to the Roku, we can add as much programming as we'd like, and very inexpensively. But, alas, I really, really like that figure I previously mentioned...$16 a month. 

Act, people!