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Friday, May 24, 2024

Still here, kiddies

Ain't killed me yet...

Deep Purple's Fireball at a hundred-plus decibels makes Markie a content boy. Content I am. Damaged hearing and all. Music is and always has been my lifeblood. Meanwhile, the Communist takeover continues.

You know the drill: Guns, ammo, canned goods and beer. Much like the firsy day of deer, mostly ammo and beer.

Joe Biden, scum that he has proven to be, is promising to protect your 'right' (?) to kill your unborn children. One question, though. If a fetus is not yet a life, then why the hell do so many people get so excited when a family is made aware of a pregnancy? 'Splain me that.

A few weeks from today, my great-grandchild is scheduled to make his much-awaited debut. I cannot wait. The way I see it is that the only baby needing to be aborted was Joe Biden.

If you can remember my bicycling buddy from the Wilkes-Barre Online days, the amazing Gage Andrew is soon to be a father. Man, time sure flys when you're wasting time on unimportant things.

On a local note, Sue Henry is BACK!!! I used to spend three hours of my work day, every day, in crawl spaces with Sue right by my side. Only thing is, she had no idea she was carrying on under a structure of any sort. Anyway, local talk radio is doable again. Up and away!

"Make my day, pal" Right! More tough talk coming from a stumbling, mumbling quasi-Cadaver-in-Chief!?! Trump was correct by claiming a drug testing should take place before the presidential debates, before tough guy Joe gets his next pervitin upgrade.

Anywho, I have not assaulted your senses of late, so there, I checked in. Try as they may, they ain't killed me yet.

Soon enuf.