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Sunday, August 30, 2020

2020 handbook

 A socialist is a communist without a gun. Or, a BLM criminal with a gun.

Read it, know it, you are living it. 

Friday, August 28, 2020

Natal calling

NBA players are boycotting their trade. Excellent. Now I have yet another reason to never take note of their existence. They should stick with what they've mastered: Handguns, drugs and nightclubs.

Twin hurricanes? Where the hell is Dubya when they need someone to blame?

What is up with The Center for Voter Information? If these people keep on with pestering me by clogging my mailbox, I'll have to consider Harassment by Communication charges. No matter the con job, I"ll not mail my vote with one of our two political parties having been captured by communist infiltrators.

I don't need help with voting. Never have. I'm over qualified in that I come with I.D. and all. Stupid, white guy, eh? Speaking of being white, when I throw a hissy fit, it never involves looting and maiming. Never thrown a brick at a police officer. I'm weird like that.

Oh, and rioters are still being referred to as "protesters" which is a bald-faced lie. Try militant arm of the democrat party. A militant arm sent into the streets to burn and destroy as part of a political agenda gone revolution. You know, like back home in the surrounds of Natal. Where is Greyhound when we need them? POTUS can nationalize transport, you know. Then he'd be a Democrat, seizing privately-held industry. Commie 101.

I can't wait for  election day to arrive. The next day will see vacuous Joe Blow sent off to the dustbin of the mentally ill in history. More importantly, it will provide us with the vaccine for Covid, or whatever they call it these days. The Trump victory will have talk of  pandemics come to a quick and rightful end. Send the Biden Youth gone Wehrmacht back to their single-parent basements. 

They fu*king belong in a cellblock.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Go Blue

 Not NYG blue...

Christmas 2021 or bust?

Hurricane Izzy-ISIS was a non-event where I'm sitting in very north Wilkes-Barre. Hell, Solomon Creek didn't even use the Barney Street exit/spillway as it often does during any rain event exceeding nine minutes. Boring.

On to the holidays. Rumor has it Governor Wolfie will order all residents to wear a mask on Halloween. No trans-anything will be allowed. Save your transphobic outburst for when some girlie starts waving her penis around.

And what of Black Friday? Can they legally loot the stores by sporting a surgical mask? 

It is this reporter's opinion that the Governor must cancel Christmas in the name of public safety. To do otherwise would be a flirtation with hypocrisy. Sorry junior. No Santa this year, the new Atari will just have to wait. Let's hope they're not all stolen during the next Black B.S. riot, or as the media calls them with a straight face...a protest.

I called 911 a couple of hours back. Seems some abortion escapee went and stole himself a quad. And this street just happens to be his chosen drag lodge. I tried to have him moved closer to Kunkle, where he obviously belongs. LCCF is closer, no?

I'll wait 'til Christmas 2021. 
I want that newfangled Atari!

Friday, July 31, 2020

The hole

Our $54,000 footers...never paid for, by the way.

the Holeplex?


And some that were previously dismantled...

Nosebleed seats...

W-B Dismantling Society

No magic a la Tony Brooks here...

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Blue Parade marches on

The Shotko incident...

That was fun.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Blue lives matter more (to me)

Defend the police. 

 Defund the anti-police Generation Soros.

Note the canopy. Still miss it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Field interview?

No, just a punk trying to flee.

Sunday, July 12, 2020


Poor, sad Joe. Yet another clueless leftie who mistakenly thought those continuous bong hits 
 would have no long-lasting effects.

Hamhead  gets 'im.

So we won't have to. Never do.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

'Hate Crime' wish list

Can we defund welfare by ten or twenty percent and use the resulting savings to increase the funding of our police departments? I sure hope so, but judging by what I'm seeing, I doubt that we have any elected folk still in possession of testicular matter.

How about any future construction of public housing be done in close proximity to but downwind of landfills?

And no more liquor stores in poor to moderate income neighborhoods?

Hate crimes all?

Wait for it. November whitelash!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

No, not dynamite

I did my civic duty by contacting my state representative about this reprehensible Act 43. Seriously kiddies, we had one local fatality due to our new weapons grade fireworks. We've got half-sticks and fireballs big enough to bring down small aircraft. But, the state created yet another new revenue stream to waste, so who cares?

What my state rep doesn't know is that I did not forget about the compact disc he promised me at Gasstock, but I means to collect.  When it comes to tunage, I have collected beyond all belief. Always have, always will. And remember...if it ain't loud, it ain't worth a f*ck. Sez me.

Two teens drowned in the river last night. The rescue folks were on the water for quite a while looking here, there and seemingly everywhere. It always amazes me when kids get wasted doing the exact same things we did while growing up. When I think back on some of the adrenaline-soaked craziness I got away with, I realize I do not deserve to still be ruining the planet. Oh, well.

When I was 14, I told a cop named Benny to suck off. Damn near lost my right arm. I really wasn't f*cking with him, it's just that I had never before heard of jaywalking. Felt bad for my onlooking mom, though.

Good luck with reading this because I'm typing without a mask.

I want my, I want my T...N...T.


Sunday, July 5, 2020

Still got ten fingers?

Still got ten? on most days, you only need one.

I'm thankful that the reenactment of the Battle of Parsons in now behind us. If local history is not your forte, the 1807 attack on the Parsons Settlement camp by the Buttpoke Indians marked the premiere of the use of modern artillery by the U.S. Army. That's the way it's told by a local historian who sports a 70-foot, two-man kayak (sexist?). Anyway, no thanks to my neighbors, I can still hear. It'll be rapturous to have a quiet day post Act 43.

And, with that, the expected week-long Gamma Ray Storm of 2020 can commence.  100 degrees will be within reach all week long. Great week for cycling as the mere mortals retreat to the relative safety of their air conditioners. And to hear the enviro-commies rework the tired yarn, when you cool off you're actually overheating the planet. Shame on you. Better hope the governor doesn't find out.

That reminds me, go to Planet of the humans. Watch the entire movie which proves what a scam most of the leftist green push amounts to. As Flo & Eddie once put it, it's "illegal, immoral and fattening."

Speaking of the govenator--ole Mr. Unilateral, I do not want my fu*king police department defunded. Quite the opposite, I want my police department expanded and given longer, heavier batons. By the way,  I've got Coke, diet Coke and Instant coffee waiting here for the boys and girls in blue wandering through Zone 6. I'll send a facebook message. Look me up, man.

Since you are not required to obtain a permit for the purposes of protesting, our police department has to respond to flash mobs each and every time yet another feeble-minded protest swells up on the pages of facebook. We've had twelve such events lately. Happily, restraint ruled the day each time. No looting yet. Yet.

Oh yeah, if you identify a fireworks violator on a second offense, they will be charged with a misdemeanor and taken away. Call and identify.

In case you're wondering, gamma rays are the byproduct of collapsing stars. Real fireworks.


Friday, July 3, 2020

2900 miles west of Wilkes-Barre: #2

Hard as it is for me to believe, I have seven grandchildren. Much like their parents before them, somehow I've been blessed again, again and again. Since I do not believe in the teachings of the ancient scrolls, it's luck, I suppose.

All of which means someone as illusive as god has seven great-grandchildren. Again, luck, I suppose.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Promises, promises

Need not forget those promises, promises and still more vapid promises.

Monday, June 29, 2020

The adults are back in charge

Just like the old, old days.  The copper dude chirps a warning so the neighbors can rush out and play musical jalopies. Then the parking enforcement guy (?) removes the temporary signs after the mean machine makes clean. Then he swings back around to dispense the parking citations. How exciting.

Just like the good old days before  that lackadaisical Tony George barely mailed it in. The adults are back in charge.

Better days ahead.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Virus Survival Belt

Can' get this at Scamazon...

Good for hurricanes, nuclear exchanges, even Democrat subterfuge


Now they've gone and done it...

It's been so long since Wilkes-Barre residents have seen their streets cleaned, they may not recall what this sign means. Street cleaning, like remember when the guy delivered blocks of ice before they configured electric refrigerators. Or when another purveyor picked up your knives, sharpened them, and returned them.  How 'bout the dairy guy delivering dairy products to your porch each and every morning.

Yeah, you know, street cleaning. Like, with street sweepers. Those mechanized wonders that look like aged military vehicles that squared off with Godzilla not so long ago.

Yep. You have to move the car in the morning. Sumbitch! Who's bright idea was this?

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Get some!

Sometimes they get what they thought they wanted. A scrum.


Friday, June 12, 2020

One...more...time: Policing is best left to police.

May 20, 2008 I penned something titled "Policing is best left to police" in response to crime watchers growing too, too completely big for their britches. It didn't go over too well with the watchers who purported to best know policing. Oh, well. Hate me? Take a number and get in line.

So the latest here in Hyphen City is the creation of a 'civilian advisory board for the police department'   

Yeah, why not put the looters in charge? Wasn't it annoying enough having our mayor and chief of police kneeling with protestors one provocation from full-blown rioters?

We need not some self-aggrandized community organizer just in from Bushwick telling our police veterans how to navigate a political minefield. No would-be Latino Angels needed, champ. Although, We do have some of Curtis Sliwa's Guardian Angels lurking about.

You got my vote already. I've put my complete trust in Wilkes-Barre's finest. But as we all now know, white boys are no longer allowed to speak unless in subserviant compliance.

It's called revenge. Revenge for sins committed before my grandfather was even thunk of.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Democrat riots matter

Well, the Democrats have unleashed their largest and most loyal voting bloc. You ought not vote against the commie hordes, got it? First they destroy the economy. Next comes the physical plant being destroyed.

So, you may ask: What else have they got in their underhanded bag of anti-American tricks? Don't axe me, bro. I'm an ethical sort.

No justice, no peace? How 'bout no peace, no section 8 voucher? Try homelessness, always a Democrat favorite. Now you know why the democrats wanted the gun sales to stop, they meant to protect their sure-to-be rampaging loyalists if and when one police officer went and did something unbelievably callous and stupid.

And now that they've all got new sneakers and a larger television, the feigned anger is sure to subside. The silly little white girls at the riots are not going to receive a participation trophy. This ain't Little League, this is Charles Manson on purple micro-dot.

As for myself, I laugh when morons bring on their own ass-kicking at the hands of the police. Pretty easy to avoid, if you ask me. That is, unless you're one of those Democrats operating on one chromosome too many or the Bolshevik playbook. Or, in this case, both.

Problem with me saying so?

F*ck off! Go to Sprawl-Mart armed with weapons and throw a protest.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Anti-social as always

Mail-in Ballot?

Abso-fu*king-lutely not! The only info not requested on those forms are my favorite color and my bank account numbers. Talk about invasive!

You know damn well the compiled information from those forms will be misappropriated at the local level by one or both of the political parties. And then King Wolf will order us to shelter-in-place until after the democrats robo-call us to near death.

They'll be lucky if I even bother to vote in this banana republic where elections are there to be stolen by the left-leaning seditionists among us.

As to your Comment...

I regularly see my primary physician, a cardiologist, neurologist and a surgeon. And not a one of them have ordered me to hide, so go fu*k yourself; something we know leftists thoroughly enjoy.

And how predictable is it that when you disobey an edict from that side of the fence you are determined to be putting others at risk. Gee, didn't see that one coming. I have not, nor do I intend to wear a mask when it's blatantly obvious what I should be wearing on my head is a paper bag. Besides, the implied empathy and concern is beyond annoying. Stick to teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony, heyna?

As for PA's government doctor, if you haven't seen your penis in years, that means you're fat, not a woman. Exercise!

And voting?

There's only one choice. There's the leader who's out there having to deal with all of this. And there's a career politician hiding in his basement. You tell me, man.

A local note.

We replaced a no-show mayor with one who is looking me in the eye every time I spy Facebook. Mayor George Brown is keeping us informed and then some. He's available, no doubting that.

I like the council meetings being posted on YouTube, but it's difficult to follow who's speaking with the face masks in place.

And Councilman Brooks' city history being explored on video is must-see stuff. Please keep it coming.


Monday, May 4, 2020

Who put the pussies in charge?

I think we all know by now that it's complete sophistry of thought to think one could quarantine 330 million people. Excepting overzealous democrats, that is. They will bankrupt the entire country to gain control of the white house. End justifies the means, yes?

Here in Pennsylvania, our elected "leader,'  huffed and puffed and blew our entire economy down. It'll be interesting to watch how the loss of wage taxes affects the seemingly bottomless coffers. Good luck with that. Next time up, huff and puff that myrmidon governor back to his hidey-hole.

As for polluting the earth with cast-off personal protection equipment, I have yet to use any. See, not all of us are pussies. Most people will smoke, inject and snort anything put in front of them, but they now cry for masks when they need their nails done, or their testicles pierced.

And it's time to ignore the shutter rules ordered by ole huff 'n' puff in Harrisburg. If you wanna go, go for it. Do it. F*ck him and his all-inclusive freak show. Like it's not.

Thing is, this end of days routine has gotten as sad and laughable as it is foolish. Enough. Enough is enough. Enough with the pussies being in charge.


Friday, April 24, 2020

Intemperance on parade

Practically everyone has had enough of this democrat-styled dictatorship. As for myself, King Wolf and his gender-dysphoric minion have ordered me shuttered-in-place with 2,000 musical compact discs. Oh, darn!

The metric tonnage of vinyl albums are being ever so slowly but surely transferred to Taylor World in Knoxville, TN. I offered them to a local gal but she did not respond in the affirmative.

It wasn't so long ago that I could not function without WILK radio in my ear. But then that same gal went and moved on. These days, it's as if WILK no longer exists, nor did it ever. Not that it's the end of the world or anything.

The food supply is disappearing. The shelves are looking a tad bare. Shouldn't be too long before a food riot breaks out resulting in the looting of flat-screens.

When the funk is the Elon Musk imaginary flotilla leaving for Mars? If we don't get on with it soon, we'll have to wait on global warming to eradicate the virus. That's the latest bunkum making the boob tube rounds, that heat will combat the virus. Yeah, and Al Gore invented the Xbox!?!

Let's be serious, people. Most of the people I've known cannot handle 5 miles or so on a bicycle. Or 10 or so in a kayak. A minute or two throwing punches. But we'll all be able to handle the rigors of ascent, weightlessness and descent?

I sent my father an email asking how he was doing procuring foodstuffs and such during the big, bad pandemic. You know, plus the restraints of the Unabomber camping regimen. After some poking around, I learned that the rural library providing internet access was also shuttered until further notice. Figures!

I have a fast-approaching appointment with the neurologist. Great, I'll actually have to wear a mask, something I thought would not happen. Me, making like the effeminate snowflakes. How effing embarrassing.

Time for some New York Dolls. Perhaps some Breaking Glass.


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Cannabis Care PA

Dude, can I borrow your roach clip?

Yeah, It's medicine. (wink, wink)


not so long-winded of late...

I learned as a boy that the quickest forms of social-distancing were fighting and high-sticking. Oh, and the most enjoyable.

Have at it.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

2900 miles west of Wilkes-Barre #1

This is what can happen when teaming up to make children is easier than keeping the team together for the purposes of raising them:

Kindergarten---Ferry school, Shelton, CT
1st grade--------Oxford elementary, Oxford, CT
2nd grade------St. John's, Wilkes-Barre, PA
------------------Bradley school, Derby, CT
3rd grade------Bradley school
4th grade------Bradley school
-----------------Courtright school, W-B, PA
5th grade------Franklin school, Ansonia, CT
-----------------Irving school, Derby, CT
6th grade------Mead school, Ansonia, CT
7th grade------Mead School
8th grade------Lincoln school, Derby, CT
-----------------St. John's, W-B, PA
9th-12th grade---Coughlin High, W-B, PA

Always on the move when mom and step-dad try to kill each other all over again. Always the newbie. Always led to fisticuffs. Always wanted to stay put. Always wondered.

All done whining out loud.


Thursday, April 9, 2020

Your vertically-obese child

I've been buggered many times about resuming this blogging misadventure, but I knew I'd just aggravate people all over again being that I'm blunt, insensitive and juvenile on both my best and worst of days...and here we are. My first attempt included my mention of the end of civilization being 'a hoot' even though people were expiring all over the place. Upon reflection, I figured the listing of untimely deaths as that aforementioned H-word would get me climbing the hate charts with a bullet.

Speaking of bullets, being that democrats refuse to "waste a crisis," we can no longer acquire any. Gee, that sounds really, really constitutional, people are sick, your rights are suspended until further notice. now go copy a name from a weathered tombstone and vote for Joker Biden by mail. Thrice, that is.

Anyway, I had a point. being that I have grandsons facing the virus-toting public in supermarkets every day I ought to cool it with the snide remarks so as to not Invite the wrath of karma. Then I learned the virus had already struck close to home by taking my aunt here in Wilkes-Barre.

Perhaps FEMA should pay some crop-dusters to bomb u with Lysol because this is beyond stupid already. They order us to shelter in place unless we need to go somewhere. Yeah, that'll work. Until we call for a toilet paper flash riot. Trust me, I'm good with social distancing since I'm normally an anti-social type. People suck, so why not avoid them as a general rule?

Then there's this growing outcry that the feds, FEMA and POTUS have not done enough to protect us. Really? What about the health care professionals? Did they have anything more proactive than begging ang praying for help? according to the Facebook illuminati they should all be newly elevated saints. As if.

But, Bernie Sanders is out. All is not lost. Go out and get some bagels.

Blunt, insensitive and juvenile...but enough about me. Your vertically-obese child.


Friday, March 27, 2020


Boy, things have certainly changed here in the electronic clouds

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Essentials only

the white zone is for essentials only...

How does it feel to be amongst the growing hordes of 'non-essential' peoples? Non-essentials, get it? Move to the Falklands. No, not Malvinas...Falklands! You do realize your toilet paper rations will be reduced, yes?

Now that the U.S. is becoming the epicenter of a worldwide pandemic, how smart do those whining, accusatory democrats sound now? Enforcing the border security is mean and racist and bigoted hate said those squealing under-the-influence snowflakes. No more toilet paper for them. Besides, they'd likely roll it and smoke it as part of a medical toilet paper sham.

I really am losing the urge to watch more videos of people acting badly at retail outlets. It's as embarrassing as it is discouraging. Thing is, it's blatantly obvious that plenty of people are in serious need of a long overdue beating.  The intellectually limited...they're everywhere! But not in the trailer parks where they belong.

But have no fear, kiddies...the democrats are sending checks so we can all buy some medical morphine vape oil. Oh, and some Pink Floyd as the perfect accompaniment.

I see we may have to vote via snail mail come November. If that comes to pass, Queen Hillary just might pull this thing out. And with the National Guard having been deployed already the last thing we need is a reboot of the Clinton/Reno Justice Department death squads. 

Bitter, clinger, right-wing freaks.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Next Stop: Io

Buckle up. kiddies

I never gave much thought to seeing the end of the world but I'll admit that it's been nothing short of a hoot so far.

Do the Chinese just completely suck at sanitation, hygiene, livestock mgmt and food handling, or are they deliberately weaponizing viruses? Methinks  all-of-the-above fits nicely here as the short answer. How 'bout we call Diego Garcia and have them dust off a few Neutron Bombs? Perhaps a MOAB or two dropped from the exosphere?

I have never purchased or used hand sanitizers, and I'll not be doing so anytime soon. I no longer use personal protection equipment at work, so, no, I don't wear dust masks to pick up a Capri Sun and some marijuana vape oil down at the mini-mart.

Or, do they call that medical pot vaping? Seems all of the dopers have some newfangled way of twisting their drug-addled, disinhibited realities. You know, besides the use of illicit type substances.

SpaceX will evacuate the planet before we exhaust all known sources of hand sanitizers, plus, I know a lady in Oregon who can provide us with the raw materials for the production of toilet paper for decades on end. Being the offspring of a certified rocket scientist, I figure I can make it to Io on my own without descent programs developed at IBM Owego.

All of that aside, I went and had myself a couple of life-altering health freak outs. It's not that I'm damaged goods, it's just that I'm more thoroughly damaged.