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Saturday, July 1, 2023


My health care company informed me that if I were to drop my local pharmacy in favor of a big-box corporation posing as a pharmacy, I would then recieve my prescriptions free-of-charge. As a result, I have a new health care company. They can sell thier predatory preparations elsewhere. Or as Frank once said, "Take your meditations and your preparations and ram 'em up your snout."

How about a third class city that has no public pools but is currently building a skateboard park? Talk about screwed-up, bass-ackwards! Wrong!

This blogging thing seems to have a lot in commom with dinosaurs. Still I offer my dementia to both of my readers. Blogsnot (or whatever this ancient platform is called) recently informed me that it deleted a twelve-year-old post of mine for violating it's rules or terms or suchwhat, or if I may, it resorted to censorship. Such is life in our formerly great country. The easily-offended rule. But who gives a fu>k?

Anybody catch the Crazy Horse monument in South Dakota. A giant granite carving reminiscent of Mount Rushmore. Tell me, wasn't this character responsible for the untold deaths of American soldiers? Things have gotten so upside down, now we memoralize those who fought against us. Is it me?

When did movie previews become trailers? Who cares, according to the climatologists at the DNC, we'll all be wiped out soon enough.

Being that it's PRIDE time once again, I take pride in saying that I'm straight. You know, like, not mentally ill. Not one of those claiming to be one of the 77 genders invented of late. And what of topless mutations flopping all about at the White House? Apparently Joe Biden is not senile, he's insane!

Three days of scheduled paddling at Wyoming Valley Riverfest were rescheduled because the weather forecasters promised us days on end of monsoons, lightning and locusts. The three days in question were sunny and warm. Enough with the comedian being in charge of the oft-incorrect computer models. So much for the 'summer of the chicken.'

But hang in there, lab-grown meat is coming soon.