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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Idiocy: Here, there, just about everywhere

Let's start with the idiocy that IS Russia.

They invade a neighboring country without justification. Yes, yet another one. When that country is supported by it's allies, the idiot untermensch threaten to escalate to nuclear war. So as the idiots see it, after they punch, you are not allowed to counterpunch. As the old yiddish phrase goes, funk them!!! Unterf>cks!!!

Name a neighboring country they have not yet invaded. Good luck with that one. I've invited you to fail.


Luzerne County Council rejected a proposal for a home rule do-over in favor of amending the charter? And that would change what? Be they corrupt commissioners or inept council pretenders, nepotism and fiscal malfeasance rule the day. It's well past time for voting with your feet.

Enuf with that homespun version of idiocy. I'm getting agitated. A friend at the Times Leader warned me some time ago about writing when I'm angry. Great advice.

Look, I'm no Archimedes but our county "leaders" need to find the charts leading towards financial buoyancy and... stop hiring friends, relatives and lovers.

Keep voting that straight party ticket and expecting change. Keep shooting yourselves in the foot. Oh, and keep paying for your own idiotic ineptitude.


We are Norvegians. Yes, V as in Norvegians. Look it up.


Monday, January 23, 2023

Photo Flapdoodle (why the hell not?)

Mom always promised me it wasn't so.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Thirty-some days 'til March

Being that I'm now a senior type (according to the calendar) was I supposed to have matured my way past the Bazooka Joe addiction?

If so, I figure I need me one of those newfangled medications laced with side-effect powder.

Ain't been too interested in sharing my thoughts here of late. Been busy with adult concerns such as bicycles, scooters and slot car track. So, as my grandmother so loudly predicted so long ago, I'm still child-like after all these decades. Sure beats being like them there road-raging grownups.

Anyways, just idly sitting here and watching insanity passing as normality is entertaining beyond possibility. Around the globe, the bad actors have been acting out, with a few even pounding on the well-worn war drums. To worry about any of it brings on thought hematomas. Here at home, the Democrats are still claiming to have the solutions to the problems they perpetuate for a living. The Republicans have been exposed as being Satan's offspring. Social Darwinism runs amok. White people suck. And, yes, I invented the trapezoid. And anyone who says otherwise majored in Lincoln Logs.

By the way, for a nominal fee I will teach you how to calculate the square footage of any trapezoid. A vexing challenge that pops up way, way too often. You're welcome.

After much consideration, I really do want to meet my father now that I've found him. I mean, I've hoped for six decades. I want to meet him without flying 2,900 miles, that is. Amtrak can get me from Chicago to Portland, Oregon and relatively inexpensively. Problem is (get this) I'm on a fixed income. Gotta keep an eye on the spending. Makes Wifey very nervous. For a second or two, I considered GoFundMe but figured people would react very negatively to such an undertaking. You know, Give ME money. Still chewing on all of that.

If you're up for a serious road trip, gimme a buzz. You're driving. Since I suffered a seizure, Wifey does not want me driving.

So i'm kinda bored, but March is coming very, very soon. For me, March brings weather more favorable to cycling. The Hummer has undergone a serious reworking and I am ready to roll.