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Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's official...O'Brien vs. Kanjozilla



Saturday, October 3, 2009 – From the steps of his childhood home, Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien officially announced Saturday morning that he will be a candidate for the United States Congress (PA-11) in 2010.

Immediately following the announcement, Commissioner O’Brien, joined by family members and friends, launched a 2-day, 30-hour, non-stop, no sleep bus tour through PA-11. The bus tour began in Dunmore, PA and is traveling to a number of neighborhoods, restaurants, companies and other venues in Carbon, Columbia, Lackawanna, Luzerne and Monroe counties.

Commissioner O'Brien plans to focus on his record as a champion of common sense government, fiscal responsibility and ethics reform in the campaign:

"For far too long, politicians have been catering to special interests while leaving people in our region to fend for themselves. I'm running for Congress to replace the old-style politics with new-style leadership, by promoting job growth, encouraging health care reform, holding myself to a higher ethical standard and working to strengthen our children’s educational opportunities."

Prior to his election as Lackawanna County Commissioner in 2007, Corey O'Brien practiced law and hosted an award winning public affairs television show. He currently resides in Moosic, PA with his wife, Atty. Michelle O'Brien and their two young children.

A question and answer session will be held on the bus prior to its departure from Dunmore. Members of the press are welcome to join Commissioner O’Brien for the full duration of the bus tour.


Press Contact:

Bill McDonnell, Chairman, Corey O’Brien for Congress, (570) 498-3802

Editor's note: Yawn.


Anonymous said...

What part of EMBARGOED UNTIL FRIDAY EVENING don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

fuck emargoed. why play games, oh that's right corey thinks he is better than the rest of us and he can pull a fast one. starts out with subterfuge right out of the gate.... stay home little boy

Anonymous said...

O'Brien is going to run circles around the old man. He's never faced an challenger from his left side and he's going to see the campaign Barletta could never mount.

Anonymous said...

Yeah because the left is sooo popular. even SNL pointed out the obvious, Obama is getting nothing done. An elitist Obama child clone wont have a chance