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Monday, January 16, 2012

Blue Cheese(heads)

Gee, last night was a ton of fun.

Yes, despite the one-sided officiating, the defending champion Green Bay Packers got their asses handed to them by way of a Giants-supplied blowout.

It got so bad during the second half, much to his shock and dismay, Aaron "Double Check" Rodgers even dirtied his uniform...a first during all of the 2011 season. True, I swear.

Warning: This first video contains launguage not suitable for an Aaron Rodgers commercial. But it does give you an inkling of how most Giants fans felt going into yesterday's game.

This video, from Sports Illustrated, is as safe and pure as the wind-driven show in Green Bay.



Gort said...

Gints got hot at the right time, look out 49ers. My money is on the Pats to win it all.

Mark Cour said...

I really like our chances at SF.

Fact is, the Jints just played and won their fourth consecutive do-or-die game.

The Mash unit that was the Jints some weeks ago lost to GB on the last play of the game, and turned the ball over on downs at the SF ten on the last play of the game in that 27-20 loss at SF.

Plus, SF has a young team with no playoff experience. And their head coach is a rookie. Also, Eli "Ice" Manning vs Alex Smith is a matchup I'll take.

We took the 12th man out at GB, and also overcame the 13th man that the refs ultimately became.

All of that said, whatever awaits at San Franfreako, it sure beats playing at the Saints home dome.

David Yonki said...

Congrats on a great game. As a Packer fan I feared the giants when they almost beat the Pack on Dec. 4th. I think the layoff hurt Rodgers and even not playing the week before did him in. This Giants team reminds me of the 2007 team as well as last year’s Packer team that ran the table. Give them credit, they played a great game and were pumped and primed. I hope they go all the way. Then New Yorkers won’t be asking for Tom Coughlin’s head until maybe after Labor Day!
Good luck Mark and the ‘jints!!