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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Waypoint: More chaos and tumult in lieu of a budget

Well, I see the profligate-spending triumvirate that is embodied by Oblahblah, Pelosi and Reid have deftly delivered us to the other side of the still-developing financial fiasco known as the “fiscal cliff.”

Absurd, and economically repulsive political theater.

May they all rot in a remote corner of Kenya.

Therein, we have the so-called “balanced approach” whereby the Fedrule Govmint all but swallows and digests the private sector in the name of economic fairness, or redistribution or whatever word a raving, clueless lunatic would attach to the next four years of economic carnage.

The deal forged by the ruling classes amounts to little more than attaching a Band-Aid to a bulging hernia. Or giving an overpriced pill to a flat-lined patient soon to be a corpse. Oblahblah’s economic corpse, that is.

When all of this foolish spending-our-way-out-of-the thickening-morass finally amounts to the long-expected bond market meltdown---when 401Ks go the way of Cracker Jack prizes---I’ll see you at the checkout line at the nearby Salvation Army thrift store.

Hang in there, troubled private sector kiddies.

The worst is surely yet to come.

And to my self-appointed NFL football tormenter: the 4-12 Philthydumpia Eagles were a mere 7 points removed from a winless, 0-16 season. Feature that!

Look it up, it probably won’t hurt much worse than the realization that eight years have passed since the Eagles were considered relevant.

Still want to have a pity-soaked going-away parade for deposed coach Andy Reid---the smartest guy in his padded room?

Word has it that he’s off to Arizona, where he’ll be repatriated with the young quarterback he very recently screwed over for a convicted felon.

Good luck with that.

On a lighter (?) note, all of our states and cities are marching on towards financial insolvency, but don’t sweat it…health care will soon be universal or some such short-sighted and ill-thunk death blow sure to feed the now slowing-spinning, but soon to accelerate death spiral.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to the coming fantasy baseball season, assuming the Democrats don’t attach death taxes or sin taxes or escape taxes or redistribution taxes to any of that.

But, chances are…

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