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Monday, February 25, 2013


“Already, some in Congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. My message to them is simple: No. I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts to domestic and defense spending. There will be no easy off ramps on this one.”---Baroke Oblahblah, 2011

'Nuf said on this sequester nonsense?

Apologists, have at it.

Baroke lied yet again.

As always, I listened to Sue Henry on WILK this morning. But on this morning, I heard a litany of laughable bullspit regarding the Citizens' Voice article about the recent spate of shootings in Wilkes-Barre.

While it's true that these shootings have been almost exclusively black-on-black drug-related crimes, the truth of the matter is that the indigenuous population's blood lust for illegal drugs invites the gangs and the dealers to the area.

Growing tried of the gunplay, white folks? Then stop consuming illegal substances!


No market? No sellers.

Damn, I'm smart.

The brown folks grow it, the black folks sell it and the white folks buy it.

Have you ever heard of rent rebates for those in subsidized housing and those on Section 8?

No, well time for a Google search.

True story. A lady pays a total of $480 in 2012 for her three-bedroom Section 8 townhouse and then recieves a $600 rent rebate come tax time.

And me? Well, I'll just work some more overtime so as to pay for all of the obvious "fairness" largesse.

This is rich.

The investor group from NYC that owns the Sherman Hills shooting gallery is seeking to expand the complex. Yep, new construction. More buildings. True story. Where do I go to volunteer my time and services to the zoning board?

Oh, and nothing new from Alsea, Oregon.


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