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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend musings

I have not been very interested in writing on the Internet since it occurred to me that the only thing the United States needs at this distressing point is a fork stuck in it.

So, Sarah Palin climbs onto a stage sipping from a Big Gulp and tells the audience, “Shoot, it’s just pop with lo-cal ice cubes in it!”

More proof that the leftists have turned this country upside down, when sipping from an oversized soda constitutes an act of defiance.

I studied Nutrition & Menu Planning in college, but I’m guessing that Mayor Bloomberg did not. May bed bugs infest his shorts.

Some lefty suggested that we should make it illegal for anyone born after 2001 to smoke a cigarette. As time passes, a smoke-free Amerika.

Meanwhile, the left-leaning are clamoring hard for the legalization of pot as well as narcotics, opiates and the scrapings of banana peels.

You tell me, man.

We have a brand new pope, who is not a white guy. So much for the snarky predictions of same-old, same-old.

The next person that uses the word homophobic in my presence is going to get an earful, if not more. To imply that those not comfortable with unnatural acts are damaged goods is a left-leaning bridge too far.

And leave my effing Boy Scouts alone.

12 men have walked on the moon. 11 men have scored on New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera in the post season.

Can someone explain to me why the Wilkes-Barre Taxpayers Association needs the personal cell phone numbers of Wilkes-Barre City employees?

Somebody needs a backhand to the puss.

What if I told you that a sitting Luzerne County council person refuses to pay for the termite exclusion service they received?

So now they are proposing that we pump millions upon millions upon millions of gallons of Acid Mine water down into our water aquifers.

It must be me.

President Oblahblah wants to address our so-called immigration problem. It goes like this: They round up all of the border jumpers, have them register as card-carrying Democrats and voila!…the entitlements will flow forth.

There, fixed.

Oh, and he’s still yammering on about Global Warming, or Climate Change or whatever the tax-and-spending, feigned eco-warriors are calling it now.

Meanwhile, the Great Depression II trudges along behind the Quantitative Easing facade.

Nothing new on the Gene from Oregon front.

Daddy is still hiding in the hills, and I’m kind of smarting over it. I spent the entirety of my life wondering about my dad, and in the end, I get the Daddy has gone Bigfoot routine. Only me.

Or, as Tommy always said, “Only you, Leonard.”

Exactly. Only me.

Fother mucker!


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