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Monday, April 1, 2013


I recently attended an all-day business conference in Binghamton, NY.

Instead of partaking of the typically bland business luncheon fare, I enjoyed a 45-minute walking tour of the downtown and bought my lunch at a CVS. I found it interesting that while the town has a nice mix of new and old architecture, it has a vacancy rate that probably rivals most downtowns. Actually, some of the older structures are stunning.

And it also has a riverfront park on the Chenango River that no one seems to utilize, as is the case in both Pittston and Wilkes-Barre. No events. No parking. No rest rooms. No people.

I was last in that town when I was a toddler, having been born in nearby Endicott. Still, somehow I felt as if I had finally come home. It made me kind of sad being that this was the last time, the last place where my mom and dad and I qualified as a family. Makes no sense.

Here's a factoid from the conference: At the end of 2006, my outfit ranked #16 in sales throughout the U.S. in our industry. At the close of 2012, we came in at #3. Aggressive, aren't we?

Anyway, a few pics...

That mansion was interesting. The Phelps Mansion civil war museum. If you're interested in taking the tour, a road trip may be in order.

That last pic intrigued me. An unusally deep foundation, a porous mix of brick and stone. Tell me termites haven't found their way in. In addition, it must get battered when the river rises. So, how is it still standing?


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