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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Background checks

You can’t make this sh*t up.

While “legal” asylum seekers gone obviously rogue and illegal kill innocent Americans at a marathon, I have to undergo an exhaustive FBI background check so as to access a local Fedrule facility filled with unimpressive paper pushers. Me, the Coughlin grad.

Yep, I was fingerprinted and then some at Wilkes-Barre police headquarters earlier today. And it cost me all of thirty bucks, which is refundable provided that the FBI doesn’t reject the fingerprints (something they often do, I‘m told).

So, the Russian government warned us about a couple of terrorists we could and did identify before we allowed them entry and put them on welfare, but the “Gang of Eight” in Congress wants us to believe that the haphazardly accelerated legalization of an estimated 11-33 million unidentified illegal aliens will somehow benefit us all.

The Coughlin grad spends two hours filling out the online proctologic exam, the Coughlin grad invests another hour in having himself fingerprinted, the Coughlin grad plunks down the necessary funds, but any Tom, Dick & Julio can walk right over the border, qualify for welfare, and all without proper identification.

Mention was made on WILK earlier today about a poll of Americans concerning their perceptions of the need for an armed revolution in this country. While I find that concept nearly impossible to pull off, I’m thinking we can still hold out hope for a military coup.

Please. Pretty please!

Seriously folks, this debt-laden train is fast going off the well-worn rails.

The Democrats do not care. The Republicans do not care. Our so-called president is a dimwitted poseur who does not seem to care. And the spidered special interests pulling the many legislative strings do not care.

Eat, drink, be merry and don’t be too shocked when the house of cards finally collapses.

As for me, I’ll stick to what the hapless leftist on WILK often belittles…sports.

Go Jints!

*Many thanks to our lovely model, Gorgo, for modeling the New York Football Giants bicycle helmet.

Stock up on canned goods, water and ammo.


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