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Sunday, March 9, 2014

From water...

The illustrious Kayak Dude paid us a visit today, all the way from down where those Philly-type folks typically stomp all about.

KD managed to befriend me via these electronic pages some 13 years ago in spite of myself being me.

I used to blame my anti-social behavior and my previously diagnosed auto-hostility issues on my troubled, stranger than fiction upbringing. Then, after I reconnected with my father for a fleeting fortnight just over a year ago, I figured I was what I was (damaged) because of heredity, being that dear old AWOL dad has some serious paranoia going on there.

Paranoia coupled with fading anger, that's the ticket. Or, as the more current common parlance has it---not my fault. But my life is what I've made of it. Excuses and cop-outs aside, I am the architect of this cracked and frayed facade. I could spin through the entire panoply of reasons and excuses and justifications, but just know that while I'm admittedly damaged goods, I'm all good with where I'm at and what eventually led me here. It's one thing to crash during the race, but the end-all goal is to end up at the finish line.

And as I approach that aforementioned finish line, the way I figure it, I can't be all that bad if someone such as KD would bother to drop on by the Parsons adobe with some Wyalusing, PA-brewed River Barge Brew in tow.

If you're into good lager, if you're into full-bodied lager being brewed as I type within spitting distance of the endangered Susquehanna river, then perhaps you ought to consider a road trip up north a ways.

As I recently pointed out, from water comes beer. And if the quality of our water is under assault due to hydro-fracturing, then our life force---beer---is likewise under assault.

So, I put it to you NEPA, are you willing to idly stand by and have the upstanding quality of your local beer compromised? Will you do nothing as your lands and water aquifers are plundered and sullied in the name of exported natural gases? Or will you stand and fight (provided that the pencil neck geek-in-chief, the IRS, the FBI,  the ATF, the TSA and LCB don't get wind of your annoying insolence)?

From water comes beer.

And so does life itself.

KD, I will gladly join you at that upstate Chief Muckamucka paddling event. Or, whatever it was.


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