ssǝɹddns ɹou ɹɐǝɟ ɹǝɥʇıǝu plnoʍ ʎʇǝıɔos ǝǝɹf a that ƃuıʇnɔolɯnɔɹıɔ suıɐʇuoɔ ǝʇıs sıɥʇ

Monday, May 12, 2014

Flat-Earth this!!!

You know, before you go around accusing folks of believing that the Earth is flat, understand that we’ve been hearing this climate upheaval, snake oil routine since the 1970s. And know that we’re not all easily-led pussies like you.

When I was in college, they were pitching global cooling, some routine about a coming ice age.

That proved to be filth.

Not long after that, the new religion became Acid Rain. Oh, yeah, acid rain was destroying everything good and wholesome and life-sustaining.

That proved to be filth.

So as to command complete control of the masses, they then came up this with end-of-the-world gambit wherein holes in the ozone layer were promising to cook the Earth. Medium-well.


Melting polar icecaps/flooded coastal cities.

Nice try. Filth.

Global warming?


Climate change?

More filth.

Polar vortex?

Still more filth.

So…I’m a fu>kin’ dummy iffin’ I’m not buying the newly-constituted, apocalyptic snake oil? Says you? Really? You’re intent upon getting your face punched in?

Bring it, brainiacs!! I will punch your faces.

Flat-Earth this!!!


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