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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Race to The 2017 Tax Anticipation Note

Strap yourselves in, here we go!

From The Citizens' Voice:

W-B mayor misses deadline to submit amended budget

There's no point in beating up on a newly seated mayor who happens to be disdainfully saddled with the former mayor's disputed budget. That is, a budget the new mayor fervently claims is a financial albatross. But if this so-called defect-spending budget now demands that cutbacks be made, we have to wonder why they weren't proposed in the first place--before the repeated attempts to enact a hefty property tax increase. 

Short-term, the very last thing the bedraggled residents of this city can afford is a hefty property tax increase. Long-term, they can likewise ill-afford an increased debt service payment. All of which demands that the current team arrive at a balanced 2016 budget by way of increased revenues, a reduction in the size of the workforce, less material usage and, or witchcraft. As for 2017, the aforementioned suggestions are wholly applicable, sans the prohibitively expensive eye of newt. .

And laying blame on the former mayor for any perceived current woes addresses nothing and solves nothing. Buck up, deal with it and let's move forward. What else is there?


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