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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Next Stop: Io

Buckle up. kiddies

I never gave much thought to seeing the end of the world but I'll admit that it's been nothing short of a hoot so far.

Do the Chinese just completely suck at sanitation, hygiene, livestock mgmt and food handling, or are they deliberately weaponizing viruses? Methinks  all-of-the-above fits nicely here as the short answer. How 'bout we call Diego Garcia and have them dust off a few Neutron Bombs? Perhaps a MOAB or two dropped from the exosphere?

I have never purchased or used hand sanitizers, and I'll not be doing so anytime soon. I no longer use personal protection equipment at work, so, no, I don't wear dust masks to pick up a Capri Sun and some marijuana vape oil down at the mini-mart.

Or, do they call that medical pot vaping? Seems all of the dopers have some newfangled way of twisting their drug-addled, disinhibited realities. You know, besides the use of illicit type substances.

SpaceX will evacuate the planet before we exhaust all known sources of hand sanitizers, plus, I know a lady in Oregon who can provide us with the raw materials for the production of toilet paper for decades on end. Being the offspring of a certified rocket scientist, I figure I can make it to Io on my own without descent programs developed at IBM Owego.

All of that aside, I went and had myself a couple of life-altering health freak outs. It's not that I'm damaged goods, it's just that I'm more thoroughly damaged.


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