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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Eagles demise and lubricated cucumbers

It's about time the Philthydumpia Eagles' defense is exposed. This is gonna be fun.

Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes can handle a five-man pass rush. Done.

No, I could not subject myself to the State of the Union farce wherein the Dumbo-in-Chief tells us how wonderful things are going thanks entirely to him. Ronald Reagan once said, "The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan." We're seeing that proven of late.

I spoke to an old friend last night. As we were getting caught up, he asked me if I still resided in Wilkes-Barre. I told him that I now live amongst the hills they call Plains. Figure that one. Nah, Wilkes-Barre has the same fatal flaws that nearly every urban center seems to be being destroyed by these days. Politicos that keep going on and on about THE supposed need (???) for more diversity when said diversity brings drugs, crime, violence and complete disdain for community, civility, or self-restraint. At this late date, we need diversity about as much as we need lubricated cucumbers.

Speaking of which, when your local politicos hold press conferences to slap themselves on the back for "creating jobs" when yet another new warehouse is coming to the nearby industrial park, they know full-well that none of us will ever land a job in said warehouses thanks to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program that pays federal dollars to "incentivize workplace diversity." When I was managing restaurants, this sort of malarkey first appeared as the "Targeted Jobs Tax Credit" where the Feds would pay 40 percent of a new hires salary if that new hire came from a preferred group. If I hired you, I would be on the hook for your entire salary. But if I hired who the Feds wanted hired, I would be on the hook for 40 percent less. See lubricated cucumbers.

I took a pass on that infuriating sophistry.

I recently took a VHS tape to be transfered to disc. Oh, to Celebration DVD in Wyoming. The label said "Mark on ABC" so we figure that means WNEP-TV. I was on Bowling for Dollars in the late 70s, but this tape is of the late 80s variety. You got me, man.

With WNEP on the mental (patient) radar, send this one along to Joe Snedeker...Hoby, my stuffed bed bug.

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