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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Fun with Dems

Why is that any shots fired in the direction of terrorists happen to hit schools and hospitals only? Does anyone actually believe that claptrap? Moreover, why do media outlets even report such obvious bullspit?

Speaking of bullspit, let's have some fun with our marxist-dominated democrats. Stuff like this: Who murdered more innocent people? Ted Bundy, Charles Manson or Janet Reno? Yeah, you know.

Here's a good one. Russia invaded Chechnya during the Dubya years, Crimea under Barry Oblahblah's watch, Ukraine with Biden as mumbler-in-chief and took not one inch of foreign soil during Trump's term. Yup!

If illegal invaders shot my neighbor dead, there would be no outrage coming from the sissified left. But if I (ole born-n-bred) happened to put a few high-velocity rounds through that very same neighbor, the apoplectic cries for new gun laws would be deafening. Bite me.

I filled my gas tank yesterday. Thanks to our failed president dedicated to destroying our fossil fuel capabilities, it cost me more than it cost for Fani Willis to try to cover her big, wide fanny. Difference being, I'm not going to be terminated and disbarred.

I see Nicki Haley has finally come to her senses. Not really sure what that was all about. So, now we march on to November, to the end of Oblahblah's third term. Eff him.

Speaking of greats, here he is...


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