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Friday, April 5, 2024

Democrat Dystopia

Jack Daniels! Away!

Okay, now that an important election grows near the lying/scheming Democrats are launching the next big pandemic: the Bird Flu. And without Chinese assistance, no less. Hell, they might even call that cowardly Dr. Fauxi out of retirement to lie to us all over again.

The only vaccination we need comes in a 30-pack. And Pelosi masks ought to scare the illegals away from our borders.

Funny how a barge rams an interstate bridge support in Oklahoma and that is not news. It's not only news, it's a trend. Of course the Fedrule Govmint says there's nothing to see here. Here in Pennsylvania, we need not fear terrorist attacks...the majority of our bridges are ready to collapse without any help at all.

Meanwhile, the border jumpers are destroying our cities and draining available resources. We're used to reverse-gentrification, so keep those new leftie voters coming. Makes that "defund the police" malarkey look pretty effing stupid. In Baltimore, the defunding process amounted to a lessened maritime force to loose control of one of our busiest harbors. Harbor master? Pilot? Tugs? Again, pretty effing stupid.

Par for the Democrat/Marxist course.

Iranian proxies attack Israel causing the ding dong-in-chief and his Kenyan taskmaster to declare war on Israel's president. Wouldn't want to lose the Muslim vote, would they? Still, one of the stupified underlings suggested putting American quote/unquote 'peacekeepers' on the ground in Gaza. Is there a single leftie not brain-damaged?

A 14-year-old Virginia girl was raped in a school bathroom by a boy wearing a dress. What's that? A trans-rapist? And the pronoun? Not to worry, though. The ding dong is promising an abortion for every vote and every vote harvester. It's geting so deranged, democrats might be lining up to vote in job johnnies.

Ding dong is destroying the car manufacturing industry. So you can't afford an electric vehicle. Remember, the lefties have been promising to inflict mass transit on us for decades, and they've used this climate transgendering as the vehicle by which they can finally take away your vehicle.

Yup, voting in toilets has consequences.

Drink heavily. The end is near.

Democrat dystopia for all!

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