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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Be prepared

It was interesting that, when I asked of the noisiest of the Barack Oblahblah loyalists, “Yes we can, what?”, not a single one of them came forward and explained how nonstop tumult and upheaval amounts to a cohesive plan. Not a one. The undeniable fact is, they are reluctant to discuss hope and change these days. Although, I can't say I blame them for laying low after they got so completely snookered by the inexperienced snake oil salesman from, supposedly, Chicago. Nah, rather than go there, they’ll stick to beating up on Sarah Palin.

Sexist, anyone?

As far as Joe Biden’s (knucklehead) ill-advised crack about underestimating the depth of the economic malaise goes, I don’t think this administration underestimated the economy as much as they underestimated their clear lack of expertise. Put bluntly, our stumbling and fumbling but never bumbling president is to experience what Rosie O’Donnell is to beauty.
And this clueless and partisan-minded administration made a major, major blunder in tailoring the $787 billion stimulus package so that it would deliver maximum benefits during an election year (2010) rather than right now while rampant joblessness is on the rise. But have no fear, kiddies. Barack Oblahblah recently announced a $12 billion dollar program to help community colleges prepare unemployed people for new jobs.

See? There’s nothing to worry about if you are suddenly added to the swelling ranks of the unemployed. You can collect unemployment and wallow away at a community college preparing for jobs that do not exist, or jobs that won’t exist by the time you not-so-proudly earn your Oblahblah Corps certificate.

Yeah, you can claim one of them newfangled green jobs (?) that have yet to be created. You can help to process that alternative energy source (?) that has yet to be found. You can help to operate one of those gigantic atmosphere scrubbers (?) up North Pole way. You can work on the ice shelf reconstruction project. Or work on the emergency levee system that needs (?) to be installed around Manhattan. Or stick your head in the oven and blow out the pilot light.

Very many are saying of late, Oh, we’re America. We’ll bounce back. We always do.

And I think it’s obvious that our charlatan-in-chief is of this lazy mindset that amounts to little more than wishful thinking. And while we all impatiently wait, he’s busily turning this country upside down and inside out. So I ask again? How do you re-inflate a flat tire? By redesigning it?

Jobs? The economy? Ah, don’t sweat it. All of that malarkey should kick in right before the mid-term elections. Wink, wink. Meanwhile, the stimulus dollars are going to no-bid contracts in the more well-off states. And on a very local note, to homeless shelters. And the all-knowing great one, the charlatan-in-chief, wants control over Medicare, the health care industry, the automobile industry, the banking industry, the banking industry’s payroll, our fragile energy grid as well as our capacity to cheaply generate power. And his suddenly subservient secretary of state is off apologizing to the world for our contribution to climate change.

Jobs? Money? Retirement? Calm down, kiddies. We’re America. We’ll bounce back. We always do, right?

Unlike those Oblahblah diehards who can’t or won’t admit to their egregious mistake that was voting for a nobody with a blank slate of a resume, I have no confidence in the 535 plus-two jackasses currently stinking up Washington, nor am I hopefully, nervously optimistic. As for myself, I’m sticking with the Boy Scout training while seemingly all around me seriously slips or outright fails. Yes sir, as of June 1st, I have hunkered down. Good or bad, whatever becomes of our next to nonexistent economy, I will be as prepared as I possibly can be. Basically, I’m not counting on the big comeback.
With that said, you may have noticed that the Democrats are becoming alarmed with those mid-term election growing closer and closer while Americans in significant numbers are now maxing out of their unemployment benefits. And now they are talking about crafting a second stimulus package, with this one being larger than the first handout to supporters of the socialist faith. It’s not the economy, stupid! It’s about retaining the reigns of power. In other words, more clueless fiddling while Amerika burns.

As for my hunkering down (the exact opposite of what this flagging economy needs), it has been sudden and it has been complete.

Sin taxes? Fu>k you! No more beer. Seriously, next to none. And thanks to that new policy, I have very quickly gone from a hefty 210 pounds down to svelte 191 pounds. Well, that, no beer, and a reinvigorated workout regimen.

Sin taxes? Fu>k you! Gone are the pricey Newport 100s. And in their place have come the far less costly generic brands, and in lesser numbers than I would have thought possible. You want to tax me and redistribute the money to someone who did not earn it? Fu>k you!

And then we have the crash debt reduction program, which has become almost my new obsession. As of today, my total outstanding debt stands at $1,410. That’s it. That’s all of it. And that will be reduced in a matter of days. As part of the crash debt reduction program, I have been working a heck of a lot more than I would normally have liked (hence, no writing on these pages) and I’ve also taken on a second gig. I’ll not call it a second job, because it’s not a job. It’s a commitment that allows me to come and go as I wish, it allows me to get the job done without supervision, and it pays rather well. A gig, man.
Drastic, you say? Nope. I don’t see it that way. Consider it smart. With the hapless charlatans in charge, and with things slipping from their grasp at an increasingly alarming rate, consider it smart of myself to nervously hope for the best of times while doggedly preparing for the worst of times. You know, be prepared.

And what’s the worst that can come from it, anyway? I’m drinking and smoking a whole lot less. I’m shedding pounds faster than Oblahblah’s polling numbers are sinking. I’ll very soon be debt-free and cash rich. And all that it took to make all of this possible was having a clueless charlatan in the oval office.

And while the Oblahblah apologists will most likely point to my example as proof that his feebleminded plan is working, I say it’s proof positive that nothing he promised you some months back has been delivered. And if you go back and take a peek at all of his multitudinous amounts of high-minded campaign promises, he has clearly turned his back on almost all of them. He’s clueless, he’s a charlatan, and he’s a partisan-minded prevaricator.

In conclusion, you can pretend that everything is going to work itself out in the end. Yes, despite our overmatched president, we are what‘s left of America and maybe we will bounce back. We always do, right? But just in case we do not bounce back anytime soon as everyone seems to be counting on, is it not better to be prepared?
Answer me that.
Pics: Daughter Ebon, nephew Mason, grandrodents Zachary and Jeremy.

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