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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The watcher won't watch?

I knew better. I really, really did.

We have this election year phenomenon wherein new political blogs appear in the months before we vote. And at first, the great majority of these blogs purport, er, pretend be all objective and what not. And then the long-planned October surprise is delivered in hopes of helping their preferred candidate.

And we also have the blogs that have a declared mission from the very get-go of smearing one candidate in particular from day one. That anti Barletta blog comes to mind, Stop Barletta dot com, or some equally lamed-assed address. It's like watching the movie The Dead Zone play out on the Internet sans the climactic ending. You know, moon battery.

Anyway, battle-tested blogging veterans such as myself as well as a few other locals can sniff out these short-lived blogs at 1,000 yards. And that's why, for the most part, they almost never make it to any blog rolls.

So, when the WILK Watcher blog first appeared out of the Internet ether back in January, my not-long-for-the-Internet-underworld alarm went off. Which means I figured this blog would not be around long enough to graduate up to any blog rolls.

Still though, I couldn't resist a permanent link in hopes of driving traffic to what I hoped would be a daily rant on all things WILK, i.e., the two grumpy, bitter old men and the two blond chicks from the sticks. But instead, all that we received were periodic bursts of "writing" and at a 6th grade level.

On it's face, this is not news, nor is it a surprise. But I do think a precedent has been set here locally with this short-lived sad sack of a blog. In less than two months, the heretofore unknown author of the blog supposedly dedicated to following the travails of WILK's on-air staff upped and announced..."But I have officially stopped listening as of today."

The self-appointed watcher refuses to watch? The watcher won't watch? This was his/her/it's idea in the first place. What the (insert favorite variation on your basic F word)???

I swear to Allah, on average, new blogs have the life expectancy of an adult male Hershey Kiss. Un-freaking-believable.

From today forward, any new blogger interested in being permanently linked to should have to submit at least 3 non-blogger references, current and past employment records, a certified mental health evaluation and a nominal processing fee.


Scratch that mental health exam requirement. That'd likely get me dumped from every known blog roll. Never mind.

Speaking of new blogs, last night the Marcellus Shale drilling issue dominated the discussion on Steve Corbett's 3-7 pm show, when a lady calling from Dallas told Corbett that he could get himself up to speed on frickin' frackin' by visiting Frack Mountain.

Corbett seemed real interested and had the lady repeat the address. So I imagine that plenty of people spent last night camped out on Frack Mountain.

Good for him.

The following came via the email inbox from the Luzerne County GOP...

Issues & Eggs
Friday, April 9
Gus Genetti Hotel & Conference Center
77 E. Market St., Wilkes-Barre

Buffet Breakfast 7:45 a.m....Program 8:15 to 10:30 a.m.

· Forum for all Republican state & federal candidates
· Come on out to meet our candidates & learn more about how they stand on important federal and state issues.
· Moderators from local media will conduct the forum.
· Guests will have a chance to submit questions.

That's really cool and all, but it got my glow plug-armed insanity pump to immediately kick in.

If this was a Democrat-sponsored event, it'd be called Egg Whites, Wheat Germ & Issues.

If it was a Libertarian Party get-together, it's be Less eggs & Issues.

If it was a Tea Party LLC. protest breakfast, it's be Eggs, Green Tea & Issues.

And if it was a Green Party deal, it'd be Egg Bong, Issues & Munchies.

I said it was insanity going in, didn't I?



D.B. Echo said...

So foolish of you. I think the Green Party would insist on Vegan Egg Substitute.

zorcong said...

Or perhaps Green eggs & (Lebanese) Hash?

Egg bong, hash & Issues?