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Monday, March 1, 2010


I received this via the email inbox. Not sure why, but it's here. It's uninteresting to me. But if you're a candidate for elected office, you might want to take a look.

Date: March 1, 2010
Contact: David Lynn, President, DAL Services, Inc.
Phone: (215) 821-1156
Email: David@DAL-Services.comWebsite:

A new version of the free Pennsylvania Political Campaign Management Database (PPCM) was released this morning, it was announced today.

The PPCM, a free, Commonwealth-approved application for managing political campaigns and filing campaign finance reports with the Department of State has been uploaded to http://DAL-Services.com.

"Running for office in Pennsylvania just got easier," said David Lynn,President of DAL Services, Inc., the producer of the software. "With this new version of the PPCM software, a political campaign can import voter data files from the Commonwealth Department of State, print street lists, solicit contributors, acknowledge gifts, and run voter statistics, in addition to filing campaign finance reports electronically or on paper."

"Typically, a newcomer to the political arena will not have the money to purchase campaign management software to run their campaign," Lynn continued. "My goal is to level the playing field by providing campaign management software for free.

"One of the most important feature's of Lynn's software is the ability to file Campaign Finance Reports directly from the software. "It saves a good deal of time," said Lynn, "and the campaign can sleep well at night knowing that they are completed correctly.""Now, there's no excuse for not getting your campaign expense reports in on time," said Lynn.

Lynn provides free support to all candidates who use the software. "I publish my home phone number on my website, so if someone has a question,they can call me," said Lynn.

The PPCM has been free since it's creation in 2006. "I make it available for public use, so that underfunded candidates can have decent software to run their campaigns," said Lynn.

"It's my contribution to good government in Pennsylvania."The PPCM can be used by any political committee or candidate in Pennsylvania for any local or Commonwealth elected office. For more information, call(215) 821-1156 or visit http://DAL-services.com.-###-

It looks to be legit. And if you follow this link--http://dal-services.com/ppcm.html--you can follow a link to the state's list of approved vendors, as well as download the entire shebang free of charge.

As for myself, I ain't running for anything except, perhaps, New York Giants fan of the year. And of the decade. Maybe even the lifetime award.

And I have one thing to say to the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board, who are scheduled to meet tonight to elect a new member from a pool of ten candidates.

Forget the party politics and pick the right person. Your credibility (whatever scant trace that is left of it) as a transparent, professional and capable school board is on the line, so you need to do the right thing.

And that thing is...Harry Haas.


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