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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pope George Soros

From the vast wasteland of electronic ether from where comments typically come from…

Pope George Ringo said...

You gotta be kidding me!

WILK has the "sweet voiced" conservatism of Ms.Henry for four hours every morning and the Ferocious Limbaugh for three hours in the afternoon. Afterwards listeners are treated to the "all over the place" rantings of the Obama bashing Palin loving Corbett. OF course, then the real tsunami begins with Mr. Savage who makes Limbaugh sound like Teddy Kennedy.

As for town meetings or lack thereof by The Honorable Mr. Barletta and his clone Mr. Marino....using the shooting of Gabby Giffords as an excuse to get out of meeting and answering your constituents questions is pretty low, even for a Republican.

Of course, the voters will decide on this next year.
Again, WILK a liberal bastion????

WIth all due respect, you need to see an Otolaryngolist.
God Bless.

August 26, 2011 6:11 AM
With no due respect, Pope George Soros, your staunch partisanship is seriously clouding your view of the easy-to-follow text presented right in front of you.

A “liberal bastion?”

Your words. Not mine. Your bad.

Smarten the fu>k up.

The bigger point is, Lou Barletta has been savagely attacked for three days, 21 hours total by two radio talk show hosts from the very same local “media” outlet. And this, despite the fact that he’s been in office for only eight months. The DCCC issues an edict, and the card-carrying walking dead carry out the orders. Nice. And yet, they wonder aloud as to why we're screwed.

Now, I know y’all miss the former congressman recently ousted by Lou Barletta who brought the area thousands upon thousands of high-paying water-jet technology jobs, condom-like rubber dams, escalating sidewalks and a regional equipment center, but try not to freak out at the very onset of consenting opinions.

And, lack thereof? Four town hall meetings in eight months following the attempted assassination of a fellow member of Congress? Lack thereof? You should be self-excommunicated.

I know you’re en vogue on that site that invites such one-sided, agenda-driven sophistry, but spare me the gun shot to my intelligence.

As for the WILK programming, try not to project upon me what you mistakenly believe to be the reality of the situation. You imagine a thing, so the thing then exists. Typical. Purposeful. Shameful. Thing is, even conservative-tinged talk radio beats yet another spinning of Radar Love.

Webster & Nancy: John, as always, is a bundle of fun always ready to burst out. Nancy is increasingly shrill, course, myopic and borderline mean-spirited.

Sue Henry: A good kid all grown up. I would fistfight and then some to defend her. But she doesn’t need my help.

Rush Limbaugh: Up to the minute, often wildly entertaining and the only show in town on an aged pocket AM radio in the middle of the day.

Steve Corbett: All of the lectures I needed I received when he was still in college.

Michael Savage: If a guy can tell us about which table scraps his dog prefers and makes it interesting as well as amusing, I’m all in. He’s a bit much, but he’s often a hoot as well.

In conclusion, when a freshman congressman still new to Washington D.C. comes under unduly unfair and unrelenting attacks for meeting more often with his constituents than his predecessor ever felt was necessary, I’m going to comment on it.

And if that really, really bothers you, that’s proof that your sense of fairness died along with your objectivity. Are you a member of a collective-bargaining unit? Another union slacker? A tenured teacher? Or yet another government worker riddled with carpel tunnel syndrome by way of solitaire? Sorry, but I'm trying to understand your obvious dependency. Help me out, here.

And, again, with no due respect, you might need to see a proctologist in an attempt to recover some of that brain matter that slipped away from you when you started slurping down the purple goop from the political punch bowl.



Anonymous said...

I hope that you don't cut yourself shaving because your skin is so thin you might bleed to death.

Mark said...

Oh my goodness, follow me here, anonymous pussy.

I've been doing this electronic mixing-it-up stuff since December of 2000.

In other words, I was doing this long before the remainder of you followers finally caught up to me, or had at least half the gumption to follow my example.


Yeah, okay. If you (the anonymous pussy) say so.


Still and all, thank you for the completely unexpected comic relief.

And, please, feel free to bite my ankles in perpetuity.