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Monday, August 8, 2011

Wifey: The dunce has got to go

Not many of you have met my better half...Wifey.

Back in the day, when I first started posting on the Internet by way of HTML and Javascript, she thought I was beyond nuts to get involved in the way I did. And there were those many times when the expected political blow back brought with it hand-to-hand shouting, cursing and chest-bumping, so she bitched at me for setting out on my heretofore unheard of entry into local politics.

But over the years, not only did she start paying more attention to local, state and national politics and the mostly detrimental effects they have on our lives, she also started becoming more vocal when we were all alone. I never made mention of it. I pretended not to notice.

So, earlier today, as I was reading the following article on the pretend president, for a second there, I thought Wifey's words had been plagiarized.

This here excerpt is almost a verbatim rant of her's of late...

6. The Obama presidency looks increasingly out of touch with the American people

There is a disturbing let them eat cake mentality projected by the Obama White House, whether the president is advocating higher taxes in the face of a possible double dip recession, or hosting elaborate parties while 45 million Americans depend on food stamps. No US presidency in modern times has been more elitist or out of touch than the present one, which exudes the kind of condescending left-wing snobbery that is normally the preserve of an ivory tower common room. President Obama looks increasingly aloof and out of sync with the American people, three quarters of whom now believe the country is heading down the wrong track – including a staggering 58 percent of Democrats, according to Rasmussen.
Yep, that's what she always says when she reads of his latest policy failings and his increasingly petulant outbursts coupled with his latest lavish taxpayer-provided party...let them eat cake. In Wifey's more tuned-in mind, Baroke and his phony nutritional-menu-planner of a wife are party animals first, and bit-lip pretenders when they're not busy partying. Hard to argue with.
My point is this. When the normally apolitical and apathetic start getting all aroused and pissed off to the point of wishing Air Force One a catastrophic failure, you know the dunce in charge is motivating people. Only, he's motivating the people that will prove to be his political undoing.
If things keep going like this, for the very first time throughout her entire life, I can see Wifey registering to vote before next November. And if you could get her involved in the political process, that's really saying something. For me, that's mind-blowing.

For what it's worth, there you have it: Wifey says the dunce has got to go.

And it would be foolhardy to argue with her while she's stewing from a position of factual strength. She's a Polish tomboy, so do so at your own risk.



Anonymous said...

Have you considered that your hatred of the current US President is out of bounds?

"...getting all aroused and pissed off to the point of wishing Air Force One a catastrophic failure."

Really? Can you lower the venom a few notches?

Mark said...

Hatred? Ah, nice try applying the racist tag to me.

The post was all about Wifey's complete and utter disdain for the hard-partying charlatan who has made food stamps the new way of life.

Anonymous said...

I never inferred that you hate the president because he's black or introduced race here, not me.

You and your wife are free to regard anyone --in public or private life -- with disdain.

But your reference to wishing for an Air Force One catastrophic failure is over-the-top, irresponsible and diminishes your sometimes insightful blog.

Mark said...

Fair enough.

I think she made that one-time comment out of sheer frustration with the state of the country.


Anonymous said...

All I know is that I hope Pres. Romney or Pres. Perry goes easy on the rich!
I know I work a crap job here at the local fast food joint, but one day I gonna be rich too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes we must tone it down, afterall it is only okay if the veep calls certain members of the u.s. electorate terrorist...