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Thursday, July 19, 2012


I absolutely love all three of my three kids.

I do. Always did, always will.

And even though I've had my doubts over these many years, after the big wedding at Stroudsmoor was concluded, I kind of knew that my youngest, that my biggest doubter had finally come to terms with the reality that was always staring her directly in the face: That while her parents where far from perfect, they would love, protect and defend her to the very end.

Ebon, the picture says it all.

Your mom loves you. So do I. So do a lot of other people

Your passage to a budding and beckoning wonderful life makes me feel as if I've done something right during all of these mostly turbulent years.

Jason and Ebon?

Sounds like a plan to me. I'm all in.


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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture ! Congratulations Mark - Ebon has become a beautiful, intelligent young woman and I know you are so proud of her ! Best of luck to her and her new husband ! Stroudsmoor Inn??? Did you hit the lottery or what? Heard that place is out of this world ! Barb Cole