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Monday, July 30, 2012

Thinkin' out loud

I know the lefties among us hated old George Dubya cause he took trillions and pissed it away bombing people and places we ain’t never heard of before. I hate to rain on your utopian parade, but every president takes trillions and searches for half a reason to bomb people and places we ain’t never heard of before. Tell me I’m wrong.

But these days, we got this here fraud in the White House who continues to take trillions and piss it away bombing even more people and places we ain’t never heard of before. Simultaneously, he takes trillions and trillions and hands it out to supporters, foreign invaders, slackers, freaks and fringe groups.

It seems as if he’s the first president saying that we should ask what our country can do for us, while we bitch about our government-supplied cell phones. What else can our country give to us before the Govmint mint overheats and bursts into flames?

After four years of trickle-down handouts and an unemployment rate hovering in the teens, very many of us had better hope that Barry wins a second term and continues to stave off any possible economic recovery. Because if a change comes in November, an economic recovery will not be very far behind. And when the economy perks up, when employers look to hire again and when the overly-generous freebie spigot gets abruptly cranked shut, Slacker Nation is going to have to get off of it’s drug-addled ass and work for a living. There! I said it! Work.

And this divide and conquer along racial lines stuff is not going to help anyone but the guy fighting for his political life. We’re less a country than a loosely amalgamated group of urban tribes ready and willing to war if and when the lights go down for an extended period or when the satellite dish signal is disrupted for more than an hour or two.

Blacks hate the whites. The whites are tired of being accused of genocide or some such thing by the blacks. The blacks hate the Mexicans. The Mexicans hate the blacks. The whites don’t really care for the Mexicans. And the Mexicans hate anybody who says they should be fitted with box cars and shipped off to their points of origin.

The Divider-in-Chief came our for gay marriage, but he did nothing to help make it the law of the land. He doesn’t care what the straights or the Bible thumpers think, he’s for it so you should vote for him. So everybody gets all worked up all over again, and he’s off to provide amnesty to a segment of our society that’ll upset still more, and all to secure a few more votes. Maybe.

While many of us have no jobs, no homes and no prospects, he’s ready and willing to eagerly demonize his opponent for supposedly leaving some former workers with no jobs. Really? Last I heard, it was not his opponent who ordered the GM and Chrysler car dealerships owned by right-wingers shuttered by executive fiat.

Using his own mocking words as proof, Barry demonizes the corporate folks, he loathes the rich folks, he distrusts the Wall Street folks, he blames the banking folks, he derides the small business folks and he wants to further tax the middle class folks in possession of anything more than the belongings of your average fourth-generation welfare family. Meanwhile, he applauds the Occupy thugs who defecate in and defile your public parks.

Now, is that a recipe for a booming economy when the top commie dog sees a glowing neon target on the backs of the folks that are the economy?

If his health care boondoggle didn’t add enough crippling uncertainty to the fragile economic mix, how would you rate his asinine decision to support the various and sundry violent uprisings across the Middle East. Gee, that won’t add any more uncertainty to the geopolitical mix going forward. Or will it?

I guess what I am trying to say is that we are being “led” by a clueless fraud. It’s not about what’s good for the country, it’s all about what’ll be good for him. And his government-or-nothing ideology clashes with those of the good, hard-working folks who just want to be able to work, frolic, fornicate a tad bit and be left alone.

Freedom, I reckon they might call it.

Them’s all I got.



Aggie95 said...

so tell us how ya really feel Mark ..* GRIN *

Mark Cour said...

I think he ought get himself a job, like, at Denny's, and then come back and chastise us about how the world works when he has at least something, anything on his resume.

Aggie95 said...

LOL about the only real job he had where his wages were not paid by the government he described as "behind enemy lines " and yes those are his words...if you had not seen that google it .... obama behind enemy lines

Mark Cour said...

Obama "behind enemy lines?"


Oh, like, Obama in the United States.

Aggie95 said...

nah one of his jobs was in NYC and in his book he discribed it as like being behind enemy lines

Mark Cour said...

Yeah, his fiction manifesto.