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Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday One-liners

Even though I’m sick of hearing about it, let’s do this gay marriage thing.

The lefties claim the folks on the right are trying to deny the gays their rights. But at the same time, the lefties tell the folks on the right what they cannot eat, cannot own, cannot say and cannot think.

As for me, I say we allow the gays to do whatever they see fit, so long as they shut the fu>k up already and stop wearing their sexuality on their sleeves.

The lefties claim we need gun control every time a gun is fired in deranged anger. The Bitter Clingers---the right-leaning gun owners--claim it’s their constitutional right to “bare arms” in case the Fedrule Govmint gets a little too big for it’s own britches, just like it is now.

In these matters, I side with the gun crowd, but with a caveat to follow.

Handgun? Sure. Shotgun? Yep. Hunting rifle. Okay. Anything else more lethal than that? Nope.

Look, I really don’t care if anyone wants to own their personal version of a basement armory. But let’s be honest. If and when the Feds come looking for you with extreme prejudice as their only guide, you’re a dead man no matter what automatic weapon or weapons you may own.

Face it, the citizen militia days are far, far behind us.

I keep hearing this oft-repeated talk radio swill whereby it is alleged that the GOP and it’s evil minions want to screw the poor every time anyone on the right mentions common sense economics by way of balanced budgets.

Sorry, but the Dems have constructed this here entitlement society house of cards that is going to collapse sometime soon unless the adults among us are finally allowed some serious input.

And to equate fiscal sanity with utter disdain for the so-called “less fortunate” is disingenuous, useless and dangerous claptrap of the highest order.

Dishonest, Dem claptrap.

Has Tom Leighton reported to San Quentin yet?

No? Well, keep throwing swill against the wall in hopes of something, anything finally sticking.

Balanced budget. More new businesses downtown. Paving throughout the city. The splash pool is open. The massive Coal Street project is finally winding down. The Hotel Sterling solution is coming.

But, hey! It could be better, we could all be living in Scranton!




Aggie95 said...

hell we can't be broke ...we still got checks and obama is going to cash everyone of them

Mark Cour said...

Welcome to the alternate handout universe, where the communist organizers, excuse me, wherein the so-called, previously unheralded, barely vetted community organizers finally take us down from within.

Doesn't matter, though. He hands borrowed money in record amounts to the "undocumented," the career entitled and the useless, over-politicized unions.

Think Kevin Bacon, as in, "All is well."

See you at the bread line.

Aggie95 said...

I hope they bring back the cheese lines ....I actually got some of that cheese when Carter was president after all the steel mills closed out near Sharon Pa ...guys who had worked for 30 years without a break standing in cheese lines crying but it was good cheese

Mark Cour said...

My Mom used to stand in long lines for govt. surplus cheese, and it used to make me angrier and angrier that such a good, god-fearing, well-intentioned woman was reduced to that.

That anger finally manifested itself when the former evil step-dad made a surprise appearance the day I graduated from Coughlin.

He hadn't laid eyes on me in over six years, and he was surprised to find that I towered over him and was bristling with muscle tone.

I was seriously put-off by his ill-advised attempts to be my buddy. And when he finally said the wrong thing (which I knew he would), I did what he used to do to me by punching him senseless. Put him down, I did. Real ugly like.

Initially, my Mom freaked the funk out on me. But later, when nobody was listening, she admitted that she happy to see the tables---to see the physical abuse---turned on him.

Government surplus cheese? You ought not get me started.

Too late!