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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Anything? Anything at all?

After a 14-hour workday that could best be described as long periods of solitude occasionally interrupted by customers, I had fully processed the following question I posed to myself: Is anything better off than it was four years ago?

Anything? Anything at all?

Perhaps someone can help me with this, but I’m of the opinion that nothing is better than four years ago. In fact, everything has gotten noticeably worse. And in most cases, much, much worse.

As far as leadership goes, we have a cadre of dubious Cook County goons legislating by way of executive fiat through the backdoor in the backroom.

Our feckless rock star of a “leader” who does not want to see David Letterman in the buff cannot be pried away from the golf course, celebrity-laden parties or the campaign trail. He is to hands-on leadership what swallowing glass is to digestive health. Not very presidential.

Our Carter-esque foreign policy is obviously a joke gone up in smoke and flames, with our enemies emboldened and our staunch allies having been thoroughly snubbed and rebuked at every turn. Malvinas? No, Barry. Try Falkland Islands.

Our energy policy amounts to no energy at all. Or if you will, no policy at all. A trip to the gas pumps has you filled with dread? No, Bush didn’t do that.

Between the Fed’s ineffectual monetary manipulation, a lack of a Fedrule budget for four years, the government’s previously unheard of entitlement outreach, and the so-called “stimulus” handouts to party apparatchiks, we’ve got record debts that are still growing by leaps and bounds and trillions with every passing second.

Still, despite record deficits, we're told it's mean and hateful to reduce a single line item on the non-existant budget.

And what did we get for our trillions in new debt? Truncated domes at every intersection. Rubber mats at the curb line.

There are so many Americans out of work, on most days it seems if I’m the only one not milling around somewhere in pursuit of illicit narcotics and taxpayer-provided cell phones.

Record food prices have become a problem for too many of those among us. Hell, if there was any money in it, you could classify food pantries as being a growth industry. Again, for too many, backyard gardening is no longer a hobby. It’s a necessity. Face it, we've become a nation of penny pinchers waiting for the dollar to collapse.

The one-time American Dream---home ownership---has all but turned into the American Nightmare.

Large and small businesses alike are under the repressive duress that excessive regulation has brought to them. Corporations are now vilified by the chastiser-in-chief. Meanwhile, employers from sea to sea are awaiting the ticking financial time bomb that is Oblahblahcare.

I fail to see how kowtowing to an avowed enemy that keeps striking at us puts any fear or begrudging respect into their blackened hearts. And I find it impeachable that a sitting president would render military support to those who would stone us to death for something as miniscule as wearing a bikini on a public beach.

Our military is being systematically gutted.

NASA has been reduced to a high-tech model rocketry club.

The Fedrule Govmint is far beyond broke. Our states are going broke. Our cities are broke. And our school districts are broke and broken.

And before I go on, know that I do not spend my workweek in a cubicle staring at pictures of my loved ones. I am on the road, and I can be in any of six different counties on any given workday.

In a word, the mood of the populace is glum bordering on broken. People are out-of-work, downsized, depressed, dispirited and shocked by the realization that their country has been hijacked by executive fiat and all but bankrupted in a fortnight by a know-it-all charlatan obviously not very big on American values, American traditions or America’s long proud identity.

So, with all of that typed, I turn it to you…

Is anything better off than it was four years ago?

Anything? Anything at all?


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