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Monday, September 17, 2012


I just reduced my Facebook imprint from 68 “friends” to 34.

Further electronic bloodletting will ensue.

Face it, folks, “social networking” is needless, mindless doddering replete with idiocy, illiteracy, pop icon salivating and political idolatry. Admit it. Move on.

Tell me I’m wrong, tweeter twits.

I deleted all of my blog friends because, quite frankly, their Facebook existence amounts to little more than links back to their blogs. As in, relentless, shameless self-promotion.

Back when my formative years were barely underway, the shrinks said I was hyperactive and that I had auto-hostility issues which needed to be overcome. As a result of that prodding and poking, I spent the remainder of my life pointing to the Good Mark moments whenever anyone sought to rehash the Bad Mark moments, which were of the fast and furious and ugly variety. In other words, I spent decades learning how to make nice. Bite your tongue. Keep your fists unclenched. All of that chick stuff that keeps one out of a cell block.

I’ve made like a good boy for quite a long while. Wifey is happy. She’s happy that I haven’t come home with blood sprinkled across torn shirts for a long, long time. She feels safe, and she likes to think that she has me encased in glass only to be unleashed in case of an emergency.

But, at this late date, I have to be true to what I know, I have to stop repressing the ingrained agressiveness no matter who might take issue with me and all of my many embedded scars.

Social networking is the modern day equivalent of inane crayon scribbling on the walls of bathroom stalls. It is the Smithsonian of wasteful pursuits. It is the new age replacement of what was once meaningful, face-to-face human interaction.

So, while the “real” world twits, tweets, texts, shouts, snarls and shares utter gibberish on Facebook---the new MySpace---I’ll be doing what I always do, hanging with people all over Luzerne County and parts of six others.

But since we’re no longer “friends,” you will no longer know about any of that.

Oh, well.


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