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Monday, November 4, 2013

Election Day: I can vote in ten seconds

In review, Wifey and I left the Nord End behind last year and turned up here in scenic, quiet, boring Parsons. And we couldn’t be more content.

Thing is, since neither of us speak Spanish, gibberish or gang speak, we were starting to feel like outsiders in our own longtime neighborhood. With few exceptions, the Nord End is now home to those who loiter on front porches with alcohol in hand all day long. It’s what I call an Access Card neighborhood.

This past May, I was bounced out of the polling place on Austin Avenue and sent back to my old Nord End voting haunt…Dan Flood School. Then in July I received a new voter card listing the Austin Ave church as my polling place. But in October I got me another voter card telling me to vote at Holy Savior in East End. Somebody get me a map.

And all of this for an unremarkable election offering far, far less than a remarkable slate of candidates.

This is what  I’ll be on about tomorrow…

I can vote for four of the six candidates in the Wilkes-Barre Area School board race, but I will select only two: Kathy Grinaway and Sam Troy.

Neither have any connection to the current wasteful, insipid, insider-only, corrupt morass that fails to pass as education in this city, and that makes them the logical choices.

As far as the Luzerne County Council race is concerned, we can vote for 5 of the 11 hopefuls. Again, I’ll vote for two, and two only: Harry Hass and Linda McClousky Houck.

I have my reasons, but it’d take three-to-four thousand words to explain it all. Screw that.

The most important
race for the taxpayers of this county is the controller throw down featuring Democrat Michelle Bednar and Republican Carolee (no last name necessary).

While Bednar seems to have the full backing of the reconstituted local Dem machine, Carolee usually lacks the backing of her own party. Bednar seems as if she could be elected and seamlessly fit right in, while Carolee usually does nothing of the sort. And since the controller is the county’s only true elected watchdog, the following sums up my support of Carolee, which I copped from Facebook...Home of the Illiterate.

Independent, tireless, combative when necessary and abrasive enough to give the elected and the appointed under the rotunda dome a 4-year case of heartburn.

Now get up and vote like a champion tomorrow. If you’re a Democrat, vote as many times as you can get away with in lieu of a voter I.D.

Oh, and Oblahblah blows!


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