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Friday, April 24, 2020

Intemperance on parade

Practically everyone has had enough of this democrat-styled dictatorship. As for myself, King Wolf and his gender-dysphoric minion have ordered me shuttered-in-place with 2,000 musical compact discs. Oh, darn!

The metric tonnage of vinyl albums are being ever so slowly but surely transferred to Taylor World in Knoxville, TN. I offered them to a local gal but she did not respond in the affirmative.

It wasn't so long ago that I could not function without WILK radio in my ear. But then that same gal went and moved on. These days, it's as if WILK no longer exists, nor did it ever. Not that it's the end of the world or anything.

The food supply is disappearing. The shelves are looking a tad bare. Shouldn't be too long before a food riot breaks out resulting in the looting of flat-screens.

When the funk is the Elon Musk imaginary flotilla leaving for Mars? If we don't get on with it soon, we'll have to wait on global warming to eradicate the virus. That's the latest bunkum making the boob tube rounds, that heat will combat the virus. Yeah, and Al Gore invented the Xbox!?!

Let's be serious, people. Most of the people I've known cannot handle 5 miles or so on a bicycle. Or 10 or so in a kayak. A minute or two throwing punches. But we'll all be able to handle the rigors of ascent, weightlessness and descent?

I sent my father an email asking how he was doing procuring foodstuffs and such during the big, bad pandemic. You know, plus the restraints of the Unabomber camping regimen. After some poking around, I learned that the rural library providing internet access was also shuttered until further notice. Figures!

I have a fast-approaching appointment with the neurologist. Great, I'll actually have to wear a mask, something I thought would not happen. Me, making like the effeminate snowflakes. How effing embarrassing.

Time for some New York Dolls. Perhaps some Breaking Glass.


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