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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Your vertically-obese child

I've been buggered many times about resuming this blogging misadventure, but I knew I'd just aggravate people all over again being that I'm blunt, insensitive and juvenile on both my best and worst of days...and here we are. My first attempt included my mention of the end of civilization being 'a hoot' even though people were expiring all over the place. Upon reflection, I figured the listing of untimely deaths as that aforementioned H-word would get me climbing the hate charts with a bullet.

Speaking of bullets, being that democrats refuse to "waste a crisis," we can no longer acquire any. Gee, that sounds really, really constitutional, people are sick, your rights are suspended until further notice. now go copy a name from a weathered tombstone and vote for Joker Biden by mail. Thrice, that is.

Anyway, I had a point. being that I have grandsons facing the virus-toting public in supermarkets every day I ought to cool it with the snide remarks so as to not Invite the wrath of karma. Then I learned the virus had already struck close to home by taking my aunt here in Wilkes-Barre.

Perhaps FEMA should pay some crop-dusters to bomb u with Lysol because this is beyond stupid already. They order us to shelter in place unless we need to go somewhere. Yeah, that'll work. Until we call for a toilet paper flash riot. Trust me, I'm good with social distancing since I'm normally an anti-social type. People suck, so why not avoid them as a general rule?

Then there's this growing outcry that the feds, FEMA and POTUS have not done enough to protect us. Really? What about the health care professionals? Did they have anything more proactive than begging ang praying for help? according to the Facebook illuminati they should all be newly elevated saints. As if.

But, Bernie Sanders is out. All is not lost. Go out and get some bagels.

Blunt, insensitive and juvenile...but enough about me. Your vertically-obese child.


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