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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The latest

Been kind of a busy news cycle of late. Annoying as all hell, as is usually the case. Doesn't matter all too much since we seem to be on the very edge of the abyss.

With the Supremes sans Diana Ross shooting down modern-day eugenics, the lefties are foaming at the mouth all over again. I suppose the flash mob riots and looting are already being planned by the DNC myrmidons.

Wilkes-Barre is still renaming everything after the late Reverand Rabble Rouser. So, now it's racist to say I met my wife at Coal Street Park? Sure as hell is.

And since Wilkes-Barre is listed in the dictionary under perfection, the city held a rainbow rally on Public Square (soon to be named King Square) for lack of anything pressing to do.

Remember when city council was comprised of adults?

And who's jerkin' who with this saving the earth hoodwinking? You need a lithium battery-powered lawnmower and light-emitting diodes but drive a gargantuan pickup truck that passes as an Iowa class dreadnaught? Wake up, dummies. Check your displacement!

With Vlad the Destroyer blockading the ports of Ukraine, a worldwide shortage of sunflower seeds is sure to follow. No matter, we'll beat people at the supermarket if need be. If you need lessons on administering beatings, they give free lessons up at Sprawl-Mart when the trailer park escapees get their checks.

And when and where did this burn pit nonsense come from? Arse 1: What do you want to do tonight? Arse 2: Oh, burn wood in the back yard, of course. Why the silly question? Latino Arse: Burn household trash in the back yard.

Despite the local ordinances banning their use, keep on splashing the accelerants all around. Watching arses burn makes it somehow tolerable.

No sense calling 911. Wouldn't want to wake them.


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