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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Drink Heavily

We somehow averted a nuclear war last night after Nancy Pelosi took yet another backhanded swipe at China. What utter excitement.

Anybody come down with Punkymox yet? Anyone really believe it exists? This 1,000-year contagion malarkey has gone well beyond old. How'd that shutting down of the economy work out? Masks? Social distancing? Untested vaccinations? Despotism doesn't work as public health policy. Policy dictated by men wearing dresses, no less.

So what's next from the Wuhan proving ground?

Joe Biden's economic prowess is akin to Jimmy Carter's stagnation destruction. Hell, they'll destroy the anglosphere yet...just you wait and see. This is the Dollar General economy, in which Sprawl-mart suddenly becomes the haunt of the more well-heeled.

We now have more DGs than Mickey Ds, so if your ass gets as wide as the Susquehanna (getting there) you ought not blame McDonald's anymore.

Meanwhile, I'm busily working towards acquiring a REAL ID (whatever the fu>k that is) while trillions of illegal democrats stomp our borders flat. Be serious, the elections can't be stolen...right? Right?

It ONLY took the Geek Squad a month to replace the power button on my desktop. As with damn near everything else, I suppose covid would be their excuse. As if.

What does it tell you when LTBGRIQ events come off looking like Mardi Gras for the mentally ill?

One more statement like that and the Justice Department goes all Cliven Bundy on me. Randy Weaver? David Koresh? Marilyn Monroe? Lee Harvey Oswald?

That's how you reduce gun crimes (in a county where it's illegal to possess a chicken.)

Don't bitch at me. Stupidity begets stupidity or some such thingie.


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