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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Safer this!

So, Joe Biden came to town for an invitee-only event and tried to portray Defundocrats as the true pro-law enforcement party ahead of the November midterms. I suppose we law-abiding types should forget about that ill-advised, sad and ultimately destructive "defund the police" command that flowed from the left as the permanently-tanned insurectionists burned city after city.

He touted his "Safer America" plan in which assault weapons are denied to card-carrying Americans in favor of the Taliban. Typical. Safer for whom? Children? Yeah, go kill your unborn children, insipid Defundocrats.

Besides, without borders, Safe and America go together like oil and water. It's safer in Joe's gated world, not ours.

Ah, but the day-long traffic snarl was fun to watch up this way. People, we cannot function without the cross valley expressway being open. Somehow we managed to before it was even thunk of. Figure that one. But why sweat it as the end of days is seemingly upon us?

Let's revisit it, life before the new cross flood zone highway. North street bridge to Wyoming Avenue. Turn right and proceed to Stull Brothers. Make that left through Luzerne, through the rock cut and into the Back Mountain on the 'Dallas Highway'. Yes, we'll stop at Twin Kiss for a swirl, then we're off to Sandy Beach. Red light after red light after red light. But an adventure nonetheless. These days, they get on the new highway, close their eyes and stand on the accelerator. This is not an adventure, this is progress. (?)

Make that trip in a brand new 1966 Datsun as I once did. Now let's talk about adventurism. The thing couldn't handle a New Haven to Wilkes-Barre excursion. Been there, done that...broken down in Hamlin waiting on an exfil. I think my evil motorhead of a step-dad bought that imported go-cart just to further torture my poor mother. And torture it did.

How's that for an arguably brief aside?

When do we start getting pressured to willingly line up for the untested RumpyCox vaccine? (Will gay men never learn?) I got stuck with Moderna A through Z even though I knew I'd be embarrassed to admit to having done so. And here I am still wearing a f>cking irritating face mask. Sorry, no more bullspit vaccines. I'm done with all of the compounding lies. Done.

I saw the Times Leader video proving that a police advisory committee comprised of citizens was in fact the worst idea possible if the goal was improving policing. I will not miss a chance to repeat myself: Policing is best left to the police. Never you mind those stupid-ass would-be cops. Never you mind Democrats. Most importantly, ignore self-impressed women who cannot even manage a legal license plate.

I got a new toy from Scamazon. Again, I'm embarrassed to admit even glancing at Scamazon, the only retail slime worst than Sprawl-Mart. Anyway, I got almost all of my new toy. It was short a key part. We've been trading emails and it's become obvious that Scamazon will not make good on this mistake on their part. All that they've offered is proof of delivery. Yeah, I've conceded on that. I DID receive a package, a package that was incorrectly packed.

As my past electronic scribblings have shown, once a retail concern is added to my "banned" list it never sees another one of my pennies. Scamazon is now on the list.

No biggie. I can make damn near anything with two wheels roll.

Even Bezos' sh*t. I can't wait to see him marooned in space, provided he takes Elon with him. The adults at NASA won't miss them.


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