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Monday, March 6, 2023

Vote-buying, WWIII and The Spiders from Mars

Vote-buying, WWIII and The Spiders From Mars (Ties together, no?)

I ripped the following from the Times Leader site:

HARRISBURG — Saying Pennsylvania is in the midst of a workforce crisis, Gov. Josh Shapiro said he will propose a three-year incentive of up to $2,500 a year for newly certified teachers, police officers and nurses when the Democrat unveils his budget plan on Tuesday.

The incentive is a tax credit designed to help address complaints from school boards, police departments and hospitals about the growing difficulty in filling critical positions in public safety, health and education, administration officials said.

Much like the fu>ktard in the white house did with his college debt relief scam, your state level fu>ktard is using the treasury to purchase votes. Why not propose tax credits for the severely shorthanded foodservice outfits.

Trust a former college-trained restauranteur and pest control professional, food sanitation is an enormously important public safety issue. So, eff off, myrmidon lightweights. But unlike those aforementioned groups, restaurant employees are not unionized, hence they have no union dues to be had by the dues-engorged democrats.

And what's with Biden proposing cuts to Medicare Advantage programs??? The Demmies have been repeating the decades-old lie wherein evil Repugs would kill both Medicare and Social Security. Turns out, the Dems are making the mistake of going to war with AARP. Even Putin might not take on such a mighty foe.

Might not matter as both Russia and China seem intent on starting WWIII. North Korea would surely prefer war over food. And Iran is finally poised to produce a nuclear weapon. And still they tell us not to drink heavily.

I figure with enough drinking and enough decibels driving Ziggy Stardust I might not notice the whole thing.



Donald John Williams said...

MARK: I am about to dive back into Bloggerdom. Refresh my memory: I definitely recall that you could actually see who visited your blog. Now, all I see are numbers of visits. Did Blogger eliminate that feature? Thanks.

zorcong said...

I guess. I recall that it showed where your visitors had clicked in from: search engine or another nepa blog site.

Markie in Plains

Kayak Dude said...

Thanks. Found it...called Stacounter.