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Monday, September 7, 2009

The unintended consequences of...gulp...Oblahblahcare

Ever since the initial judicial scandal broke back in February, and then turned into an ever-widening wholesale corruption scandal, WILK’s Sue Henry has been rightfully reminding her listeners that, despite the growing numbers of arrests, arraignments, resignations and plea bargains, that good people do in fact work for the county government.

And as of today, I’m wondering if she is now prepared to identify that person for us.

Just wondering.

This latest news, that a longtime player in the local Democratic party, a housing authority member and a county jury commissioner went and got himself in trouble with the Feds is interesting, if not, downright frightening.

What is alleged is that he was doing his illegal and unethical deeds during 2009, while the growing county-wide scandal exploded into the headlines all around him. And for me, this suggests that one or two things are running underfoot, possibly both.

He’s either as dumb as a moss-covered stump, or the thinking in the local Democrat party is that despite all of these well-connected political players going down in flames at a record pace, the mindset is that this unfolding scandal will eventually blow over. Yeah, until it blows over, it’s standard operating procedure, as in…corruption, graft and bribes.

So pick your poison. Arrogance borne of a sense of entitlement? Or outright stupidity?

I’ll go with a smattering of both.

If there is a single registered voter in this county that does not believe we need a bloodless revolution right freaking now, I’d love to beat them. Oops, Freudian slip there.

I meant to say, I’d love to meet them.

This health care reform push has entered what can only be called a very dangerous phase. A scary phase, if you will.

As the largest pearl among Barack Oblahblah’s many so-called legislative pearls, this was suppose to happen as if by rote. What was it, write it and pass the final bill inside of a week? Rush it through while nobody is looking? Hurry up, hurry up?

Wasn’t that the, um...plan?

Well, now that the health care reform push has met with significant and vociferous resistance from Republicans, Independents and Democrats as well, now the party with the supposed filibuster-proof numerical majority is watching it’s polling numbers dropping like a wingless bird.

And since those mid-term elections are getting dangerously closer and closer, now the leadership of the Democrat party is making noise about passing a health care bill, any health care bill. Just pass something so as to save the asses of the Democrats when those mid-term votes come due. Make some concessions, kill a few Blue Dogs, blame the GOP, whatever it takes, just pass something and soon.

In other words, now you should be worried. Now you have something to fear. Now we’re seeing desperation coming from the left, and for the sake of political expediency (CYA), now they want a bill, any bill. And if they ram some ill-conceived and ill-prepared thing through so as to save a few incumbents, the unintended consequences of a fast-tracked, watered-down health care reform bill could be of disastrously biblical proportions.

Because, as well all know full well by now, whenever the Fedrule Govmint expedites anything of any great importance, the unintended consequences usually outweigh the greater good that may or may not be realized. And in this particular case, the unintended consequences of government mandated and government controlled health care reform may be disastrous. Yes, the unintended consequences of a fast-tracked Oblahblahcare package might just lead to the finanical ruination of this entire country.

My advice to you is to find the closest available fingernail and start chewing on it. But don’t chew it down to the bone unless you’re one of the, ahem…“more fortunate” folks who have health insurance.

Much like the inept administration that launched into this ridiculous morass, this thing was an ill-conceived boondoggle right from the get-go.

And it’s about to get even messier.

Getting back to this jury commissioner nonsense, don’t let anybody kid you about the responsibilities, er, the lack of responsibilities that accompany this known ghost job.

Earlier this year, while judges and judicial appointees were seemingly dropping like Cluster Flies in an insufferably hot attic, I was notified that my name had come up for jury duty. So I called the appropriate phone number and some disinterested-sounding lady answered the phone at the other end.

So I gave her this heart-rendering pitch about how serving on a jury would cause me some irreparable financial harm, when she abruptly interrupted me and told me how to get my name removed from the list. So I did, and I was.

And never once did I have to interact with any so-called jury commissioner, a make believe position that obviously needs to be eliminated.

What-effing-ever, man.

Anywho, I’m off to fantasy football land. I can only stand so much of this place, this La La Land of ours.


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